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  1. oh what you tryin ta get smart????nigga are you tryin ta kick some mf knowledge??nigga FUCK THAT gimmie ya mf jewelry nigga!!!
  2. maaaaaan we supposed to be brothas.,
  3. yo I just seen this movie last night called Precious.its based off a book.won awards yadayada.well I didnt know about it and my girl caught me watching some SNL that had the chick from precious so she said I had to see that movie.


    that movie right there could sum up some feelings for a controversial album.Im looking for way fucked up subject matter to write about and thats some ill shit right there in the precious movie. mo'nique did that.sista played a straight filthy bitch role.the actress that played precious was very professional as well.

    idk , just seein if you seen this.holler back
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