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  1. I'm sure it would be possible, but a list like that wouldn't work on this site because "home bias" would no doubt make it too skewed toward Wu-Tang. I have too much on my plate to even attempt such a thing but if you want to do it and need advice, I can give you ideas.
  2. both lists are sweet, you reckon there'd ever be a chance of compiling a 101 greatest hip hop songs in the same format, or would it be way too hard?

    wow 30,500 threads made between them, this place is busy...

    By the way, those track review threads you vote in are the precursor to a new 250 perhaps more
  4. ahh it'd be the 93-08' one, thought it was pretty spot on. i know you wrote it a bit ago but only just managed to read it
  5. Which one? There are actually 2, one from 2001-2009 and one from 1993-2008
  6. Just read your top 101 wu-tang songs of all time thread, absolutely awesome, great work.
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