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  1. I know right, lol

    but I hate to keep pushin it back and pushin it back, it takes the spontaneity out of it.

    we had some setbacks this time, so it's all good.

    props on the beat btw
  2. props my dude.you did that. here we are starting the voting on the weekend anyway.lmao.1
  3. yo peace Juice.its all good my dude I know how that shit can go.I will wait for you to get better and drop that beat< I aint trippin. remember its the same sample , not that short clip but that other laid back shit that iove posted up.you know.

    alright then Ill hit the thread.peace and get better soon man.1
  4. yo inf, peace my dude

    I been tryin to get on and let u know what's up, but basically I came down with a stomach virus that's been whoopin my ass all day. sorry for not delivering! I never get sick man, it came outta nowhere, might have been something I ate.

    feel free to DQ me, but I might be brand new tomorrow, you never know. if you're still down and you wanna postpone it 1 more time until I'm better, then I'll have my beat up asap!

    lmk and let the ppl in the booth know what u decide so they ain't waitin like wtf.

    peace man, sorry again!
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