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  1. you an atheist you should no better
    in all likely hood these matriarch and patriarchs never existed do to no evidence of them Scathatch is a classic example the matriarch of the Saxons if she was such a grand warrior and queen were is here sacred burial site thats something i'm sure the noble family would keep
    its likely they never did there stories that give the regent nobility

    fuck i said i wasn't going to say much but have more then a third down
  2. you know i realy wanted to prove your dragon thread wrong but seeing how g is gav is a bitch
    all just help you understand the pyramid
    the top have is what god has mad cut of and separate from the world of man
    all god can do is watch as we build greater then him
    the lower half is what man has made notice it is incomplete how ever it is still greater then what god has done
    basically we are greater then god
    it has nothing to do with your loony theory that the Saxons/celt (the royal family) are related to Abraham witch the only source of this is the bible that was rewritten buy Shakespeare for the king to include his tribe as sons of Abraham to give him divinity
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