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  1. Whats up Sarah just here kickin long time no hitting you up so like what do you like to do ? Yea its crazy , i be just here thinkin of the times im out
  2. Whats up girl saying hello wonder how u speak stay cool.
  3. Here hello long time no speak want to say hi sick bomb stay yes bomb as always just wanted to say hi im just here on a marijuana break but have more trippin read your about me so said that .chill chillin posted .game over wish we puffed .
  4. I know ,i see mostly me on your visitors board.the old messages prior to this was the old me .i just want to say you fine as in attractive your own way .i dedicate a song to you called "rosa pastel" by a group from mexico called "belanova".the song is speaking about a guy fucking up on a girl who really liked him but somehow managed to fuck up on her and now shes going the hard way out .very depressing cuz it reminds me of a lot of girls .not saying im a player but i feel what she says .somehowit always reminds of a place where the girls are real (not like in the united states)(My eyes are watery) mexico .Tijuana ,Mexico.even your look is like wow , i can relate to that.thank you for being you .a girl.
  5. hi sarah u k i havent forgotten about u . stay fine. where u been ?
  6. im the one on the right . the fool on the left is my cousin memo .
  7. here is my facebook ,

  8. damn , i thought i seen u on my friends list . ! damn , i just want to say .. you re fine as fuck ! .. As in .. if i were ever to go to Europe , i would want to hit u up . damn . we re far , maybe one day .
  9. hi sarah u k , my name is mouser words - ? how are you ? , do you stay in England ? is that you in your Avatar ?
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