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  1. sheeeiiit i haven't made a beat since 'street sweeper' that i posted in audioboof. but this one you haven't heard yet (i was thinking of adding a vocal sample but didn't get around to it) http://www.box.net/files#/files/0/f/.../1/f_442900638
  2. yo
    get back to me soon we haved urgent shit to talk about...i just got signed to universal and i need a beat.
  3. ight fam i got tht too late joint u posted was gna write over tht...had the drums from the r kelly kit on there lol...but yea u shud start makin like 3 minute joints..like full songs
  4. peace bot...umm i don't really have any of those yet hah. i pretty much post all my beats on wucorp as i make them so stay tuned
  5. yo man u got any smooth get high type beats? u know sum experimental differant shit im abt to start chillin up sum of my sht alot more...
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