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Conversation Between Dieter Bohlen and DR. NICK RIVIERA

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  1. ok ok ok, I got you
    let me spit a long word or two
    I can see through, so don't mock me
    read my book, it's gonna be a bestseller this week
    I'm actually Killah Priest, don't tell nobody
    my pen is a cookie, the page is a plate
    I'm a black jew, cuz I'm ignorant and take money
    from every fake or nofake. can u relate?
    the sun, the stars, the moon, the comets
    the galaxy with David Beckham, oh my bad, he ain't back yet
  2. Do You Eat Pussy.
  3. Do You Eat Pussy.
  4. hit me, like you run the senate, lord
  5. Yo for real man im really serious!

    It's me.

    I'm willing to bust some mad gangsta rhymes if you dont believe me.
  6. LOL yeah right I'm gonna believe that

    I know it's .....you!
  7. Dont be sad my friend i used to post as Raadr Vann, but it was time for a change nahmsayin.
    bong bong.
  8. I just maybe will. But I am the almighty Wera and I'm sad cuz I don't know who's secoundary are you.
  9. That hurt man.
    Rep me bro!
  10. I hate you, go away. U r too normal to be my friend or to be a friend of some of my friends, you no-friend, you!
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