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  1. Yo thats good son keep writing!!! I think Kevin wants to get back on his writing tip he feelin them shits too!!!! I got some newer beats that wipes ass with that western ish but yo asap when you get back fam
  2. yo son im writin to your western ish right now and feelin everything i heard so far we need to get on it asap when i get home
  3. im home on september 3rd fam... double plastic all day
  4. YO son!!! Ive been puttin in work on tha beats fam, When you get back we going triple plastic 4sure!!!!! LMAO!!! When you getting back!!???
  5. son... 2 and a half weeks and im back in the building... internet is mad shitty up here... this is the first time ive been able to get on the corp for like 2 months... i see you got the beats ready to get shit crackin when i get back
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