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Conversation Between New Hills 36 and beautifulcock
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  1. New Hills 36
    02-13-2010 01:49 PM
    New Hills 36
    BR - done one - but I'll need you to tell me how to do You tube link!

    unfortunately I have to go out - 2 hours max - but leave the rest for me. I have black mozart, 10 bricks, mean streets, pyrex, kis the ring, rob you, canal st, surgical,

    cheerz my man
  2. beautifulcock
    02-13-2010 01:39 PM
    It seems daunting at first, but once you get used to doing it, it takes about 7 minutes to do one.
  3. New Hills 36
    02-13-2010 01:25 PM
    New Hills 36
    Hi BR - yeah - I can make threads. You want me to do the CL2 ones I have lyrics for?
  4. beautifulcock
    02-13-2010 01:22 PM
    LOL post your replies on my page, otherwise I don't see the reply. Are you able to make threads? Does it give you the option in the track review lobby?
  5. beautifulcock
    02-13-2010 12:41 PM
    watcha up to?
  6. beautifulcock
    02-12-2010 04:21 PM
    Yea, If you could help me out by making a few threads for Cuban linx 2, that would be appreciated. All except House of Flying Daggers, New Wu, and Catalina need to be done.
  7. New Hills 36
    02-12-2010 04:08 PM
    New Hills 36
    Hey BR - thanks - will get lyrics up soon. BTW - the girl on the ball is probably THE sexiest thing I've seen in a while. NICE
  8. beautifulcock
    02-10-2010 03:38 PM
    yea, from now on just leave them in the thread they belong, I'll clean it up later, peace
  9. beautifulcock
    01-14-2010 06:13 PM
    Damn, I go out for a minute, come back, and my inbox is full!, I still haven't gotten to domestic Violence yet...I'ma hit those up and the requests tonight and tomorrow....keepin' a dude busy LOL
  10. beautifulcock
    01-11-2010 06:28 PM
    not all day, wonder whats up

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