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  1. BR - done one - but I'll need you to tell me how to do You tube link!

    unfortunately I have to go out - 2 hours max - but leave the rest for me. I have black mozart, 10 bricks, mean streets, pyrex, kis the ring, rob you, canal st, surgical,

    cheerz my man
  2. It seems daunting at first, but once you get used to doing it, it takes about 7 minutes to do one.
  3. Hi BR - yeah - I can make threads. You want me to do the CL2 ones I have lyrics for?
  4. LOL post your replies on my page, otherwise I don't see the reply. Are you able to make threads? Does it give you the option in the track review lobby?
  5. watcha up to?
  6. Yea, If you could help me out by making a few threads for Cuban linx 2, that would be appreciated. All except House of Flying Daggers, New Wu, and Catalina need to be done.
  7. Hey BR - thanks - will get lyrics up soon. BTW - the girl on the ball is probably THE sexiest thing I've seen in a while. NICE
  8. yea, from now on just leave them in the thread they belong, I'll clean it up later, peace
  9. Damn, I go out for a minute, come back, and my inbox is full!, I still haven't gotten to domestic Violence yet...I'ma hit those up and the requests tonight and tomorrow....keepin' a dude busy LOL
  10. not all day, wonder whats up
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