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  1. traded in ncaa for madden 13 but im keeping madden and 2k13 for the yr so holla at me whenever u get madden or when 2k come out u ducked me last season hardcore in nba
  2. nice we should play ncaa soon who do u typically use? fsu?
  3. NCAA 13 my nigga ALL DAY ima get Madden in 2 weeks and then 2k13 n Live in October NCAA 13 is dope as fuck
  4. what games u been playing?
  5. oh shit didn't know that was you my brother prob got those messages while i was away at school
  6. ZooM z00m .. aint I on ya list? I sent you a few MSGs since the namechange maybe you didnt know? I might be on tonight after the Heat game. I havent played much lately. P'z
  7. whats your gamertag, 2k?
  8. college football season is over...been traded that shit in...was running shit on it tho i think my rec was like 50-30
  9. football... i wouldn't play basketball since i am a big fan of 2k... i like ncaa better than madden but both are dope
  10. wtf NCAA game you talking about?
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