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  1. you gettin 2k this week? i got it preordered, was gonna wait on it, but after seein this shit i might gotta get it first night...

  2. yeah, ill take a start by janurary....shit...ill take a 20 game season lol it really dont matter as long as we get that title
  3. yeah hes needed to work on that for awhile.. good for him, no one could stop him in the post if he learned how to play in it.

    i hope the season starts by january nba is best sport
  4. He pulled out some post moves in the Baltimore vs Philly lockout game the other day....been working with Hakeem....Kobe got better after working with Hakeem, so I think LeBron will learn a lil somethin....just hope this lockout ends sooner than later...I'll take a shortened season if anything
  5. Hahaha I love all the 4th qtr jokes. He needs to stop
    Barrelling towards hoop and use some finesse
  6. true, true, good luck in the new spot & skool

    "He should be 99 OVR for 3 quarters, and then drop to 60 in the 4th"

  7. He should be best player in a video game, if only he was a good team player
  8. Haha theres tvs I have and Could use but there's no space in my dorm room yet I'm tryin to get a projector
  9. holla at me when you get madden 12 and can afford a 12 inch black n white tv for ya crusty ass dorm room
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