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  1. Are you trying to come up with a clever response??? I can't wait for this tidbit of wisdom you are about to bestow upon me.
  2. Thanks...it's prolly cause I don't try too hard to be something I'm not. Being funny just kinda flows. Like knowing how to beef up kicks and snares without loops, throwing down some bass, eq....oops I've divulged too much.
  3. funny guy
  4. i may be new here. but as far as im concerned you are going to have to step up your game......<i make beats and battle for aliving my dude> ps i grew up listening to wu and we are not BASS HEADS...PSS listen with real speakers it might help
  5. Lol....You can't take a little constructive criticism to build on yer beats? Talking bout I can come better. I've been battling here since July and have made significant improvements, so don't come in here like you're Alchemist or Dre cuz there ain't nothing I can learn from you I don't already know. So yeah, I guess I'm next...
  6. are you next?
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