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  1. peace man!!! I grew up on freddy too and was defiantly too young cuz I was scared till I was 12 at I started getting pussy I quit being scared of Freddy. hahahaha

    I had a nightmare once where I was in the great pyramid and outta no where Freddy came for me but I beat that fucker by telling myself to turn into fire. I turned into a blanket of fire and that was

    anyway man I'm just here to tell you that this is an awesome link you gave me (without your head) ...great talk. It took a min to get into it ,lol but its great.

    thanks a lot!!!!

    Just this last week I watched all the movies cept for pt 1 and 4 and 5. only because I know them by heart so bad it wasn't necessary. good stuff.

  2. thats tight all them nightmare on elm sigs you flip.peace
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