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  1. I'm still trying to learn a bunch of stuff on the SP forum, so I appreciate you pointing me in that direction. Check my new tape and let me know what you think.

  2. no problem man, in case you had any other questions, just hit me up, or visit sp-forums.com
  3. Appreciate the tips u gave me fam...I'm still trying to figure out this midi joint, but I'm doing my research now, so hopefully I get some new shit crackin' soon.
  4. what up fam.

    mpd has "midi out" so you can connect sp and mpd with a midi-cable. Now you can trigger samples in SP by hitting the pads in MPD. The main advantage of it is that you get velocity sensitive pads, plus they are much easier to play with. In addition, when you record your pattern in sp, and you trigger samples with mpd, the sp's pattern sequencer recognize the velocity too. So you can have loud and silent hi-hats whenever you want, no need to creating two hihats of different volume in sp. Plus, with mpd youve got 16 pads, so if youre much into "BoonDoc" shit, you can do it with sp now.

    Unfortunately you cannot trigger your patterns with external controller. It's for samples only. The other drawback is that you cannot assign the knobs for effects. As for the transport buttons - Im not sure about them

  5. What is good fam? Appreciate you checking my beat tape. I was wondering how exactly my MPD would work plugging into the "midi in" on the SP? You have intrigued me with this possibility and I wish to learn it.

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