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  1. Play guitar,
  2. yea just relaxing and letting things settle down in my life. not supposed to smoke weed cause of therapy so findin other ways to chill out
  3. Chillin, my dog is lazy as heck so I'm just laying back.

  4. hows it going rastaman
  5. Legit, go check the Reggae Appreciation thread.
    I talking about both of them Lol
  6. Check out 'Scientist' man
    He's a sick dub dude.
    He's wild man, he's by far, favourite artist of all time.
  7. Yeah man, I hear you, I hear you.
    Dude, I Against I, tracks like "Sacred Love" and "Secret 77"

    Haha, ill stuff.
  8. Bad Brains is ill man.
    That was their best album.
    I've got it on Vinyl, CD, and MP3.
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