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  1. hey, how are you? whats up with the songs?
  2. Peace brother, were get on them ASAP.
  3. beat sent in private message
  4. Give Come Back 2 verses and a chorus and give While just straight verse.
  5. okay bro, 2 or 3 verse? do you need chor?
  6. Peace fam can i get 5. Come Back and 14. While, me and my dude will kill Come Back and i'll hit While.

  7. hi, thank you for reply! here is the fixed link: http://soundcloud.com/elefdigital
    choose 1 or 2 beat you like, then i will finish those beats
  8. Yeah im down the link to your sound click doesnt work though, i'll do a track for it no doubt if i can peep the beats.
  9. hi, im working on my new mixtape - my beats, other peoples rap - are you interested in, to spit a verse, or a whole track?

    some of the beats:
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