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  1. yeah Ill upload it today and give you the link
  2. Peace! ayo!!! this 'i aintcha homie' is hard as fuck!!!!!
  3. yeah I ended up downloading the esham discog and ima bust into this weekend.His brother is beyond help , that shit is crazy as fuck. I used to have boomin words from hell but never liked it.Ill prolly like it now though.Thats a fun part of being a listener to me. Discovering something that you couldn't hear the right way the first time around.

    I'm like halfway through the freaky tales track that came out with black pop. They went all out for this hour long track , its wild! cant wait to bump this while riding around.
  4. thanks for posting up the dark lotus videos in the juggalo thread. Im fixin to check em out. Have you seen that thing Esham made called death to an indie label? its on his youtube.its crazy.im watchin that right now cuz I was looking into that stuff about the album I aint ya homie. entertaining stuff
  5. awww SNAP
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