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  1. No probs, you'll have to let me know where to get your other albums from cos you've got like 107 tracks on soundclick.
  2. Ive got an album of yours on my iPod but non of the tracks are named so can you help me out with the names or something cos I fucking hate not knowing the name of a track.
    I've had a look on your soundclick but it was taking too long and my computer is acting up. Help me out.

    1 - This one has to be called 'Hood Rat'
    2 - This one is like a long freestyle but starts with a sample singing 'Cant be Denied'
    3 - The sample on the back of this keeps saying 'Changing' or 'Changes'
    4 - 'Who Are You' checked it on your myspace
    5 - On this one the chorus is about the sun and the blue sky n shit
    6 - 'I need change' This track is the shit.
    7 - 'How many Niggas' I think this track is called that, talking about people destroying the industry.
    8 - This ones talking about chicks, The sample keeps saying 'So Fine'
    9 - This one is either called 'Fool Me Once' or 'Innocent Fool'
    10 - Gotta be called 'Beautiful Day'

    Is this an album or just a bunch of songs???


    Tyler Durden
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