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  1. i just dropped a snippet also Check it out
  2. cool bro been waitin lol, i checked ur first new. bout to check em now and hit u back
  3. hey bro, finally had the chance to make a couple beats, check em out when u get the chance soundcloud.com/dday3212

    also ima check some of ur new shit out

  4. yo i dont know if u checked this yet but

  5. thanks man. i been studyin a lil lol and just messin wit stuff that i wasnt messin wit before.
  6. lol i aint made any beats in a minute but ima start once school over. I been listenin to ur shit tho u gotten better
  7. c'mon man. let them joints out the vault already! i know u sittin on somethin lol
  8. yo wats up
  9. Whats good man?
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