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Conversation Between TheFunkyDrummer and VORTEX
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  1. TheFunkyDrummer
    11-20-2012 06:10 PM
    Yes I will let you know. He's like E-Lime's teacher lol but when you look at the beats @ soundcloud it's the other way around. You hear those drums on You Make Me Feel So Good, those are extremely old and then when you listen to Stakes Is High, Yesteday and Illa Bossa Nova (!) those drums are better programmed cause Tusal tought him some dope techniques for flipping drumbreaks. You make beats as well?
  2. TheFunkyDrummer
    11-20-2012 03:11 PM
    Yes he's on soundcloud but you will get the wrong image from him cause he's lightyears ahead of those beats that he made 3 years ago. His progress is even more insane than E-Lime's. If you look at Tusal's page right now you would think that E-Lime is better lol. http://soundcloud.com/wibinator this is his soundcloud, still good beats but I can't even explain how much better he has gotten. I think he releases his tape in 2013.
    11-20-2012 03:07 PM
    Damn that's fucked up, I understand why, sorry to hear fuckers are stealing shit. - aight, so like 1 year with mpc? That's fast paced growth for sure. He should find a way and just do it, there some ill tunes there!.. Tusal, can he be found on soundcloud too? hahaha, yeah, complex drums always put your mind to dilla don't it -
  4. TheFunkyDrummer
    11-20-2012 02:47 PM
    With the MPC a bit longer than a year but his progress is inhuman I think. He has lots of shit he doesn't want to release cause they stole his shit before and he was angry about that. This is mostly old material. He's making beats I think 4 years now but in the 3 years he wasn't working with the MPC he didn't even make 10% of the progress he's making in this one year. I know another dude Tusal who is even better than him, his sound is similar to Dilla but very different at the same time. It's just the complex drums that makes me think that I guess.
    11-20-2012 02:37 PM
    I feel you on that, good to hear another dudes opinion on it! - At first listen i didn't know what to think, something most def wasn't right, i had something completely in mind when i bought it,.. I kinda expected some rare unreleased dope dilla shit... sure to say, i was disappointed!

    - Yo, I'm listening to your homie E-Lime as we speak now, I'm down with it! - How long he been at it?
  6. TheFunkyDrummer
    11-20-2012 02:16 PM
    I don't think of that as Dilla work.
  7. TheFunkyDrummer
    11-20-2012 02:10 PM
    It's better than Rebirth Of Detroit but I hate both of them sorry for that. These guys absolutely ruļned the genius of Dilla's music. He would never have released this. That's what Houseshoes and Waajeed also said. This exec. producer (Jonathan) is a snake. These beats was already released or on beat tapes, nothing new. Only good track was Detroit Madness. Why would I go and listen to shitty raps over his mindblowing beats that I already heard.
    11-20-2012 02:09 PM
    Sure man, always down with listening to new shit - i'll check up on your dude in 10-15 min!!
    11-20-2012 02:08 PM
    Everything bout vinyl is damn lovely.. haha!
    But yeah, shit is quite unlucky, i guess i gotta go against myself to get some of these jewelz man! FUCK!
    Aight, imma look into this tho', don't wanna miss out on ANYTHING!
  10. VORTEX
    11-20-2012 02:01 PM
    Ive already got fantastic vol, 1 & 2, and J88 - Best kept secret!
    Can't pick one over the other tho, i keep going "back and forth" between them..
    they are phat as hell!! Word fam, i'm a turntables dude myself aswell.
    I agree, it's sad as fuck to think about his condition, (RIP) -
    you could FEEL his passion in it, and that's what i'm all about.
    I Digg' Verbal Clap, (on another note I love the Grind Date album too)
    He would have taken shit even further, to a whole new level beyond imagination.. Dilla was THE beatmaker!
    yo some of these things i had no clue about, thanks, puts a few things in a whole new pespective!
    Last, ey yo, what's your thoughts on the "Dillatroit" album? (I know it's P.D. released)

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