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  1. Send me money bitch.
  2. I'm at the gate's head. Doing takes right now.I'm going to record this with the utmost care and precision. The vox is being cut clean and alone. Last few things I put out with vox was recorded all sloppy on some 1 take recording me and the beat.The final mix of what I do over Gateshead will be completely segregated so everything will sound proper.

    I'm cutting takes right now as I write the rest of it out and should be done by tonight.
  3. your drums looked pretty boss. Anyway you could share some links with me of where you got those or maybe file them up and send em to me??? idk. I wanna hear some of those drums and maaybe use them...
  4. lmao @ the billoon guy channel
  5. Cool! Whatever works the best for you. Yeah Fl is more sight orientated, but it works more precise that way. Especialy when you feel where you want to go with your sample. Edison is a godsend for making loops.

    I like to just let the loop play and drum away on my keyboard. Then I record the drum semi live. First the snares for a proper bmp then the kicks and then the hats. Best way to create swing.

    I haven't been making beats for a while because I'm having some gear problems. Soundcard shit. My Revo 5.1 is a piece of shit and latency becomes worse every day. I bought a 1212m, now I found out I need a pre-amp. Ordering one soon. Then it's back to pleasuring men and making beats.
  6. got the sp404 back now so it's back to work with the beats/noise. I like to combo my sp with FL. something about the way you chop in the sp as opposed to FL with FL it's sight and with SP its listening for the chop and then all about hitting the sample pad right to mark it.

    anyway ....yeah. send me a lil folder of beats.ones that you haven't put up here at the board.
  7. I'd say, fuck the SP. FL is the way to go. That plus a small midi keyboard and some downloaded VST's. I have an MPD32, haven't used it at all this year and it's just collecting dust. Now I'm just slamming keys in EZdrummer, I prefer this over drum samples.

    I haven't really been feeling any of the beats I made for the last month. I got a little experimental, but it's a phase into getting better. I might even go sampleless. That's the direction I'm trying to go. Learning keys will eventually let me get there.

    Good luck, and don't give up on FL.
  8. I hear that about not wanting to go back and hear something sound stale.I clicked on something you made a week back or so and it was pretty standard for you.that was cool though cuz every beat I was hearing from you was blowing my mind so it's nice to know I wasn't dick riding.it sucks to ride dick and have no idea that you are riding dick. x-mas sounds good.always a lot of new sounds around that time.I been messing around with FL here and there but nothing to my liking.The SP is being held hostage right now by river boat gamblers that I am in debt to.
  9. I really really should get back on that. I have so many samples that are begging for drums and chops. I'm really a perfectionist though and everything I've posted so far is just shooting blanks. When I 'release' something I want to say proudly that I did that. I've read up so much new things and I'm upgrading gear soon. I'd hate to listen back and think I could have done this and that better. I think I said Christmas... I think I might make it.
  10. did you ever drop that beat tape you would talk of? I'm looking for some DL's right now.
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