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  1. Beat is nice as a faggot. One thing though, the snare rolls are too busy for my taste, lose one or two hits. Or speed it up.
  2. sneak preview of my battle beat on my myspace player. its called '2nd floor underground" click my sig.
  3. pb like monkey and pb.corpse pb
  4. like make sure to tag the songs with your name and the track number.nothing is worse than DLing and then foldering up random files.you know.I DLed somebodys tape last week and threw the shit in my media player and could not find it to save my life.then there it is in a HUGE pile of unknown tracks and I have to sort its track one from 80 other track ones and so on.

    u get the jest
  5. cool.I was wondering about that.the beat and the beat tape.on the beat tape - I am not trying to tell you what to do but yo! - tag it the right way and have somebody do a cover for you like PB.I already know the beat arrangement is gonna be killin it.
  6. asperger > borderline retardation.
  7. you got that battle sample?
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