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The "I Ain't Fuckin with you" syndrome and Politics

    we are all becoming more and more individualized - is this a good thing ?

    i'm watching families and clicks being broke down to fragments - seems like everyone has their own personal religion where everyone outside of themselves is a sinner -
  2. The Void
    The Void
    Not a good thing when people become ego based and think of only their self as opposed to the Self which is not ego based and strives for higher levels such as love, joy and wisdom. It's mostly a cause of society in general and the way it's marketed to make people think only of their self and not others. Cell phones seem to shut a lot of people off in a way with all the new technologies associated with it, mp3 players, games, texting. It's not based on interaction on a core level but a base level where they are drawn in and disconnected from true contact on a positive level.

    Religion like Christianity, Mormons, etc. play on the same thing where they attack individuals. "If you sin YOU are going to hell," as an example. The whole hell concept is sketchy as best too, it's a fear based tactic used as a control mechanism to keep anyone from searching inside them self.
  3. BornPower
    "divide and conquer, feed the fearful monster, be the greedy mobster that you see on the screen..."
  4. SG
    "we are all becoming more and more individualized - is this a good thing?"

    its the outlook(perception) of the beholder. He or she can be the pessimist or optimist
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