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Will Making allot of money,bring us where we need to be ?

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  1. Brick Thunderbird
    Brick Thunderbird
    The first question I'd have to ask is where exactly do we need to be? Depending on who you are and what you've experienced, the answer to that question could be many things. That's part of the problem. People are waking up to the fact that this world isn't all it's cracked up to be and something needs to change, but there is no plan, no destination, no endgame. Right now we have many people across the world ready to lead the charge, but they don't know where to aim their sights, so to speak.

    Money won't bring us anywhere. The only time people seem to come together these days is when tragedy strikes or they're pissed off about something. Right now most people are content in the little bubble that has been built around them. When enough stuff starts hitting the fan, it will be then that we start getting closer to wherever it is that we need to be. In the meantime all you can really do as an individual is try to live as righteous as possible and keep your ears and eyes open.
  2. SG
    The economic system is there (stock), if you are about yours and those around you (family, race, etc).

    You just have to ensure that they are aware and ensure they have access and availabilty
  3. Uncle Steezo
    Uncle Steezo
    money is a means to acquire wealth.
    this is what my father told me and continues to tell me.
    the way "they" do it...
    somebody has to take the L and grind hard and accumulate the money, establish a foundation.
    they pass that egg down to the next so that the next doesn't have to break their back and can concentrate on bigger & better things. each generation works for the benefit of the next instead of self.

    i'm generation 5 in this cycle.
    my grandaddy worked 3-4 jobs manual labor. son of a sharecropper, grandson of a slave.
    my father put in 38+ years in corporate working like a slave.
    i never had to get a 9-5. i been running my own biz for 10 yrs.
    hopefully my son will not have to "work" at all.

    this is how money can get you to where you want to be, IN THIS CURRENT SYSTEM.
  4. Uncle Steezo
    Uncle Steezo
    if you want to escape, you gotta build a rocket.
    one of the pitfalls to this is that not everyone is willing to take that L cause our society is all about "me" and consumption. people want the shit that you can't pass down. and they don't want to save.

    i know it's easy for me to say shit like this cause of my situation... but it is what it is.
    i totally understand you

    we are in a situation where we have to make money - as individuals

    if WE as a people were to say right now that we will no longer participate in this society and we will no longer work for, and spend money at all, what do you think the people who distribute that money will do to us ?
  6. Uncle Steezo
    Uncle Steezo
    they gonna do what they always do to compounds and communes that drop out of the construct...
    demonize then destroy.
    maybe fear of that happening is a portion of the reason why we cannot unite and make moves
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