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Fear of the Uncertainty concerning faith

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    pain is an indication to you that something is wrong - imagine if we didn't feel pain and discomfort when our teeth began to rot, we'd keep biting down on that hard candy - and our teeth would become very ugly - cloudy days are meant to be yo - without them, you'll get scorched on 24 hour sunny days - winter must be -

    at least you are aware of your self and actions
    which makes you a beautiful person
    despite your short comings and downfalls
  2. Living-jism
    Hence why so many dudes hate on hipsters, cause alot of those previlaged kids never experienced pain so are so blissfully happy!
  3. Urban_Journalz
    Personally, the only uncertainties I have, are those that arise whenever I'm not doing what I should be doing for my own personal growth. I rely on both intuition and intellect. Not one or the other exclusively.
  4. V4D3R
    Good read peeps - I forgot about the muds dang - been so caught up with real life - destroying and rebuilding - getting it right...as far as this goes - I still feel that programming of fear kick in - but I fight it. Somethings I need to change still - but at the end of the day I am a man.
  5. Living-jism
    I wish us niggas can all hang out one day IRL :P I am planning to head to America next year though... mmmmm goth girls
  6. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    i have zero doubts and never question my path chosen
    i may not always follow it
    but it is what it is
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