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Will Making allot of money,bring us where we need to be ?

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    can money save us from people who make more of it than us ?
  2. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    doesn't seem logical
  3. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    other than a collective change of consciousness and self-image, im not sure what else would bring us to "where we need to be"

    as a whole we need to stop thinking its natural to sin
    stop thinking we are animals
    stop thinking war is necessary
    drop the attitude of nothing's perfect....

    anything that is complete is perfect - there are countless examples -
    if i buy a spoon from the store - that object is perfect for its purpose
    though most people have no direction, no purpose
    even those who claim their purpose is to serve god, will place sensual gratification above it - without choice because god is a mystery to them

    their sole purpose in life is to relieve sensual tension - usually through any (irrational) means necessary - a true savage in pursuit of happiness
  4. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    so basically - the average person needs to realize his/her potential
    once one's self-image is changed to that of a positive one (god, in place of the animal self-image) all good things will naturally emanate from that.

    HOW to effect that change is some whole other shit though - I wouldn't even be sure where to start
    and I'm not so certain there aren't people who are so lost in their emotional attachments that they can't make that change. What do you do with them ....?

    (I guess these posts are limited to 1000 characters)
    doing what we are doing is a start - we are discussing it - do the other members here not see the importance of discussing these things ?

    that inner war that you are talking about is just that - an inner war - i never met anyone who had their lower self fully in submission
  6. Slippy The Pimp
    Slippy The Pimp

    ^^ in response to Mumm Ra's last post.

    Money is not even important. It can't save us. But yeah change needs to come from the inside. Helping others change comes from example and encouragement, but not by force.
  7. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    "i never met anyone who had their lower self fully in submission"
    no doubt, me either by no means
    but i think only good things can come from striving for that
  8. BornPower
    while we may see the blessings inherent in the struggle you describe, others are not so easily swayed. as you said, they have formed an emotional attachment to a cipher counter to the clock's natural movements.
    our best weapon is our example, we will be judged by our actions and most of our words lost on cabbage, lettuce and corn.
  9. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    "our best weapon is our example"
    is that our BEST weapon tho?
    i mean 85% wont even recognize the example
    is that the only thing we can do? we'll be forever outnumbered

    although i think a lot of us need to be more verbal than just an example -
    i know i have that problem -
    i draw a lot of attention on my example alone - though i find im apprehensive about infringing on other's way of life - even if i find it totally sideways

    but sometimes a militant stance has to be taken
  10. BornPower
    if we have words and actions then we have knowledge and wisdom, the cornerstone of Divine Mathematics.

    Actions always speak louder than words and the just are judged by their actions as well. While I understand your apprehension (I feel it as well) I will not let this form of fear stop me from speaking and acting on what I know to be right and exact.

    Like you said, this is war. We battle not against flesh and blood but principalities...
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