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Beef,Emotions,and Sensetivity

    we've beefed over many topics over the years - it even came to those involved wanting to fly out to other cities and knock niggas out over it - how can it be avoided ?

    how does it usually start ?
  2. LHX
    by staying busy on tasks that you deem to be of significance

    and/or acknowledging that you have some real work to be done

    if your adversary is not at your level, he will eventually slip up and drown in a puddle of his own shit
  3. LHX
    that was just a hypothesis - i dont actually know whether that is the answer or not (but it has been useful so far over the last 5 years or so)
  4. The Void
    The Void
    Difference of opinion is what usually starts it. Not everyone is going to get along with everyone. I try my best to not take sides in matters, it's kind of a cowards way out but I try to avoid confrontation at any level. I avoided fighting throughout my life, many people wanted to mess with me but I just "turned the other cheek" to see how they would react and they just stopped. Fighting is part of a base primitive emotion brought on by fear. When someone's beliefs or livelyhood are threatened they feel the need to show dominance on any level. Be it against a neighbor, family, animals or their dick.
  5. Prolifical ENG
    Prolifical ENG
    LHX do you still teach at Seneca? I looked at the class lists where you used to teach but you arent listed.

    I avoided not getting too deep into an argument after I seen where they are coming from and eventually they see where Im coming from. Some take it further to belittle where the other is coming from but at that point its just a waste.
  6. LHX
    im still there - in the other building this semester
    some struggle reading what we write and often they do not fully comprehend whats written -
  8. V4D3R
    Yea some people are not ready for certain classes - you have to have the prerequisites of 1 (knowledge) before you can go to 2 (wisdom) but some act like they are on 3 (understanding) when they really have not been through what they need to go through to understand. And that includes me.

    I'm at this level where I will no longer argue with something I know nothing on just because it might change my paradigm. The more wisdom one gains the more understanding you get on the fact that -we really dont know shit besides what is factual and plain to see. And on this level of density - if there really are densities (dimensions) we might not be ready to understand as the process to elevate is a long personal journey.
  9. V4D3R
    Its also a matter of some of us are trapped in the struggle and dont have time to study like a monk so to speak. We need to change this world though and we know it wont happen overnight - but we have the tools to do it now. Its also the fact that a lot of misinformation is out there - deliberately put into place by the 10% - things can get confusing. Thats where we should be at right now to be honest - distinguishing the fake from the real jewels out there.

    Im not trying to sound all 5% either but Im speaking in a language we all kinda relate to and thats a positive thing about the math, math does not lie and it is what it is.
    We need to see things for what they are and thats where we have a hard time - when things seems to good to be true or outrageous we rebel and throw it out.

    Im going through a rough time right now with certain religious family members that think im not going to be saved because i dont buy into the bible word for word.
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