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Breaking The Cycle

    what does this mean to you ?

    if the masses made a decision to Stop for a moment, and think of ways we can detach ourselves, what would be the first to go ?
  2. SG
    its where do you stand in the picture....you can make opportunities or fold


    breaking the cycle is not this: my family didn't go to college, so I AM GOING to COLLEGE. you are being targeted.....there is a fine line to this
  3. We Todd Did
    We Todd Did
    We the people need to rid the world of that propaganda laced media spewing through the television (tell-lies-through-vision), radio, newspaper, online, etc. That non-sense is damaging to the soul. Makes you want to crawl up into a corner and shake violently. By doing so, let see where that takes us.
  4. Uncle Steezo
    Uncle Steezo
    two things instantly come to mind
    organized religion in its current form
    government in its current form

    i understand the need and value for both concepts but the way it is today...
    throw it in the recycle bin and reboot.
    the educational system

    ecspesially history

    the seeds need to know true history
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