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H.Notik 03-24-2011 08:46 PM

a piece of creativity.
zone in...

tune out...

life is life lets cross the F out.


chant and re-live...
a serpents sacrafice, suicide
soothin' eyes accepted, except when jesus cries
let the meaning be a vessel, voyage, truthful credential...
elevation: terrestriel - speech pattern volcanic
seap into the ocean with glee, only to panic
soaked...buthard as a rock armed with a'
COCK'...Adoodle wake up voodoo for useful alarm clocks...
bust it,
matter of fact yo fuck it...
rape the vision portrayed by a scavangers bucket
lolly-gaggin misery, beneath the cities symphony
'cling' goes the sound 'cling cling cling' all things considering,
you got yourself a pretty penny worth of booze control the simmering.
water flows, behold the sympathy
wash away, wash away, wash away....

wash away the pollen stains and breath... precious air
this is mental organisms confused with pressure of no cares

you scared?

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