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ChristO 04-08-2011 05:03 PM

r.i.p. D.J. Megatron
yeh, r.i.p. to d.j. Megatron from 100.3 The Beat in Philly..got shot to death in his hometown, Staten Island..

wutangclan97chamber 04-08-2011 05:16 PM

idk who that is, but rip. always sucks when someone goes, especially to a way like that

Mcthuggin99 04-08-2011 05:41 PM

you do know that he was killed like 2 weeks ago right?

Samurai_Turkey 04-08-2011 10:05 PM

Well nobody else made a thread about it, so better late than never.

I wasn't really all too familiar with the guy, but it sucks when people with talent & potential are taken out due to senseless bullshit.

I'm not tryna preach, but enough is enough.

Jamal Arief 06-26-2011 04:12 AM

Totally missed this. Just saw an interview with Iron Mic and he mentioned it. :(
Such a shame! Generally, of course, but also because he was always heavily promoting underground artists from Staten, especially Ruthless Bastards.

R.I.P. Mega!


David Daniel Davis 03-27-2013 09:28 PM

R.I.P. Megatron two years later. I remember doing all nighters listening to street radio.

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