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Sideshow Bob 09-16-2011 12:41 AM

Joe Rogan gets insanely deep

like KTL / Frat boy deep.

this video possibly makes him the worlds most dangerous comedian

Dr. Simon Hurt 09-16-2011 12:56 AM

he's risking his life with this stuff

i don't even disagree with him or his college freshman w/ a 1.5 gpa level rhetoric, but he needs to stick to badass cool bro ufc commentating or publically humiliating fake-mexican joke plagiarists

Sideshow Bob 09-16-2011 01:18 AM

I dont disagree with the idea that America is a war machine and we are being spoon-fed this belief we need to exercise extreme austerity measures, especially when we have the money to build and crash Falcon HT-Vs into the Pacific for the fuck of it.

but I do believe Rogan has been eating a lot of yogurt to suppress his frat boy testosterone levels.

He could of taken this rant video to the next level by leveraging the moans of Billy Corgan in the back drop.

diggy 09-16-2011 01:20 AM

I'm glad he could speak this w/o sounding like a palehorse.


Sideshow Bob 09-16-2011 01:24 AM

SKAMPOE 09-16-2011 01:25 AM

hes next te get killed watch

Ghost In The 'Lac 09-16-2011 05:34 PM


Originally Posted by Robbie Sinclair (Post 2149842)

He could of taken this rant video to the next level by leveraging the moans of Billy Corgan in the back drop.

haha true.

Joe Rogan's great.

But the video to a dive when he started on about Tower 7. First of all, unless youre an expert on how buildings do in fact collapse, don't act like any particular building fell weirdly. Like he's saying "it collapsed like a demolition job", maybe that's just how it would collapse anyway, all these high rises are designed that way, to collapse straight down. I personally think it would be a lot fucking weirder if it had done what he suggested and wobbled around abit and keeled over to one side.

diggy 09-16-2011 07:05 PM

^^You have a point there.

Dr. Simon Hurt 09-16-2011 09:43 PM

^no he doesn't...why did the building collapse in the first place if nothing hit it?

larry silverstein, the lease holder of the wtc, on pbs

whatever "pull it" means.

dude also banked 7 billion dollars on insurance movie from the wtc collapsing.

i'm not alex jones reptile hunter, but there are plenty of questions to be asked about the whole event.

SKAMPOE 09-16-2011 09:59 PM


TSA 09-17-2011 03:47 AM

I just did a term paper on the military industrial complex and watch blow rogan discuss a lot of the same ideas on the paper.

i've wanted to make this thread for a while but around that time you interest in this site and the hopelessness of your lives was abysmally low. now it's still low, but I can't sleep.

This is the real conspiracy. there's no reptiles and aliens nigga, this is the real shit that's happening right now.

The only prior of time when the United States in it's entire history wasn't at war, arming for war, or engaged in an armed conflict was the late 1920s and early 1930s.

the great depression.

During the Indian wars the US government set up agencies that would coordinate weapons aquistion with the western frontier. The primary reason was distance. there was no rail road and the industrial northeast was too far from Kansas to wait for some blacksmith in kansas to make you a sword. So these agencies severed as middle men and coordinated a pony express of weapons from east to west. The result was the industrialists and the government actually ended up making bank. The primary reason for the US not wanting to stop the Indian wars was they were way too profitable for industrialists that funded the politicians at the time.

during WWI, the US government understood the distance of moving weapons was greater now then ever before and it had to be sharp as a bitch to be able to pull it off (plus the US was mounting a million man army and one kink in the transport chain would be the end of everything)

these agencies from the Indian wars were united and heads of munitions production factories/smiths were appointed to head and control it.

after the war the US i producing weapons at a surplus that could flood the rest of europe, which got fucked because they didn't figure out the dynamics of industrial weapons production.

WWII, same time, WAY bigger scale only during the depression FDR for the first time started using supply side economics and telling gun producers, look just make the guns i'll give you da money, eleolhle, and began doing this on credit.

at the time, US weapons manufactures was the ONLY industry producing growth. The way we got out of the war was by creating a new industrial base. before it was steel and transportation, now it's weapons.

the United states is as dependant on the production of weapons as Saudi Arabia is to oil now. its

1. the largest industrial cluster in the country
2. a trillion dollar plus enterprise

and during WWII half of the worlds combine total industrial production was US weapons. Im talking plates and forks counted too nigga, and they were able to pull this off because this is the first time in the history of the world where industries were running on infinite blank checks.

WWII is over and the US understands that if it stops producing weapons, weapons upgrades, or slows down it's spending, the great depression would happen again. As it stands the US economy is so unhealthy that it's entirely dependant on the activities of the government. In reality US consumers represent a childs play level of insignficance in our economy.

This of it this way. The US military is the only industry in the country where you're forced to buy american. America has lost it's comparative advantage in EVERY things else and hence everything else is bought else where.

During Eisenhower's presidency the Military Industrial Complex (a marriage of military and industry) became larger and stronger because if it for one minute stopped growing the country will collapse because it IS the US industrial sector. All major US industrial producers are tied to it. Ford, GE, Boeing, nigga all of them.

people always wonder where our
'14 trillion dollar debt' came from. we don't 'owe' china this, or 'owe' saudi arabia this, they've never seen this type of money in their lives. we owe america. we are primarily in indebt to ourselves, MEANING most of the money that's in this country really didn't exist, never really existed, and enough people realize this and act on it our entire economy will crash several hundreds of times over.

the US has therefore maintained a perpetual state of war because without it we would have absolutely no real industrial sector.

the US government has to therefore sell this to you. You're not going to allow them to justify their military spending unless they come up with boogey men here and there.

Alqueda does exist. Bin LAden is an independant actor but he's NO WHERE near as powerful or influencial as he's being painted. He couldn't challenge Iowa if he wanted and what 'he' did can be done by any american with balls and gasoline.

but Alquaeda is the new Soviet Union. the Cold war was perfect for these people and marked the official point where the country spiralled out of control. There's this giant scary evil boogey man country that can 'blow up the world' in the name of evil and we, the good guys, have to keep buying more bombs tanks and jets, throwing more money and the boeing research department.

lets say you have an army of 1 million. you have to buy 1 million guns. but if your army of 1 million can find enough proxy wars to 'support' then you're doubling and tripling that.

this is how ridiculous the industry had gotten by the time the cold war came about

the Nigerian civil war had more small arms fire then all of WWII.
real shit. Take that times every civil war in every country since WWII

all of these equals money, and not simply money out of greed but money out of the fact that the United states isn't really reach and if we stop doing what we're doing, which is spiraling into hell, we'll spiral into hell.

Stoping this will literally be the end of global finance, and to prop up hologram economy we go as far as forcing other countries that actually produce wealth (the third world) to use our currency.

both Sadam Hussien and Ghaddaffi had very specific plans to motivate the Arab and Africa world to start investing holding their reserves in Gold and not the US dollar because Gold would make them richer and stablize prices.(major problem in the 3rd world is waking up and the 5 dollars you had last night is worth something new).

the same price stablity the first world enjoys.

that's the real conspiracy. This country is struggling to maintain an illusion of being wealthy because once the cats out of the bag people are going to ask for their debts, stop accepting debts as payment, and the US economy will collapse sever hundreds of times over in a heartbeat.

America is basically like that movie where the nigga has to keep his heart pumping or he'll blow up or something so he's running around raising hell, fucks a bitch and so forth.

The whole Iran thing is next. The US is using Iran as a last ditch option. It knows Iran is going to be VERY difficult to defeat logistically and maintaining a presence will be more expensive then any military endevour yet. It knows it can't afford a war with Iran, not because it's a powerful country, which respectively it is, but because it's such a logistic mindfuck that it's the only way to justify the type of spending on military the US needs to rejuvinate a collapsed economy.

TSA 09-17-2011 04:01 AM

Russia collapsed doing the same thing but the mistake they made was using real money instead of an infinite blank check.

This country has no real industrial base outside of weapons and military hardware because it's the only thing in the world we're still good at making and HAVE to buy american.

americans don't buy american shit. the US government is the only thing in the world that does on a regular basis. I used to wonder why when i was in nigeria there were no american products. we're one of the only countries that drive fords and other american cars but Toyota BMW and Benz is everywhere.

The US is right now literally checking the globe looking for the next major fight and if one doesn't arise soon enough we're going to make one up, and my suspects are Pakistan or Iran, most likely Iran because our victims are the most diplomatically isolated countries possible.

unless we up military spending this recession is going to continue and eventually, pretty soon, become a depression.

also the federal reserve isn't 'evil'. Americans are fucking greedy and don't want to accept that a lot of this is their fault because it's being done so that you can jack off in 3D. the federal reserve is simply a central bank.

is HAS to be 'private' like all other central banks in the world or else it'll scare off shareholders and investors

it can't disclose everything and is thus subject to audits because our money is fake, our debt is understated, our capacity to payback is non existent, and the US dollar is right now the prettiest horse at a glue factory and revealing just how fucked it is will be the end of it's story.

hence the federal reserve's secrecy.

TSA 09-17-2011 04:05 AM

and the 80s economic boom was created by consumerizing the idea of credit and a massive increase in military spending that spurred domestic production.

The US 'beat' the soviet union but the hard lesson is that it needed soviet russia as an excuse to keep being a douche. now that they're gone 'terrorism' is the problem. it's perfect because it's a non state actor, you can stage it's events as you wish and it's representitives can't go to the UN and say 'that's a lie we didn't do that', and you can make it as big and as scary as you want.

you can also keep it going through indirect funding which you couldn't do to an enemy state because these terrorists are no more dangerous then the Yakuza and are no where near as powerful as these mexican drug cartels

Wu-Tang Forum Internet Poster 09-17-2011 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by Pandemic (Post 2150072)
^no he doesn't...why did the building collapse in the first place if nothing hit it?

larry silverstein, the lease holder of the wtc, on pbs

whatever "pull it" means.

dude also banked 7 billion dollars on insurance movie from the wtc collapsing.

i'm not alex jones reptile hunter, but there are plenty of questions to be asked about the whole event.

wow. I didn't know you were a full-fledged KTLian now, Pandemic. Congratulations on your indoctrination.

Please don't steal my brainwaves, bro.

It's fucked up watching peoples' beliefs change over time because of wu-corp.

Dr. Simon Hurt 09-17-2011 11:08 AM

yes, i am an 'indoctrinated' KTLien because i wonder why a building collapses for no apparent reason, and what the lease holder of said building means when he says he gave the order to 'pull it'.
whatever, i guess that's good for a little quip, but it has nothing to do with what i posted.

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