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Djaminha 10-17-2011 07:07 AM

Murs & Ski Beatz
Who's heard this?

Very nice album, nice to hear Murs over some different production, this his probably his second best album behind 3:16.

claaa7 10-17-2011 07:17 AM

i haven't listened to the whole thing, but will do soon.. but the three songs i've heard from it were all very good and probably the best Murs tracks i've heard in years - the one that had a black-n-white video with him boxing in it plus the song with OC and AB-Soul especially.

it's amazing to see how strong Ski Beatz has returned.. a couple of years ago I would have thought he was done in the music business and then all of a sudden he just pops up and is everywhere!!

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 10-17-2011 10:10 AM

yeah ski beatz did murs some justice and im glad to hear murs outside of the 9th stuff and kinda back to that pre-3:16 era murs where he was just killing it the way murs

BrooklynKing 10-18-2011 05:45 AM

Murs is strong on anything he performs on in my opinion. This is no different. I really can't think of much murs I have ever listened to without wanting to bump it over and over again.

More here on Murs

djskillz 10-19-2011 08:37 AM

I'll have to check this out. Its been awhile since i checked for murs.

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