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Sideshow Bob 11-05-2011 04:40 PM

Penn State assistant coach charged with abusing boys



check two 11-06-2011 10:20 AM

It might go down as the biggest scandal in college football history.

whitey 11-06-2011 11:10 AM

these diddlers need to be punished.

THE W 11-07-2011 01:13 PM

there was an episode of "law and order SVU" a month ago based on this same thing.

Sideshow Bob 11-08-2011 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by wadedigital36 (Post 2167437)
there was an episode of "law and order SVU" a month ago based on this same thing.

did Sandusky ghost write the script?

check two 11-08-2011 11:30 PM

Sideshow Bob 11-09-2011 12:59 AM


Do these mindless students realize how bad they look in behaving this way? 20+ have been sexually abused and traumatized. Sandusky was anal raping 10 year old boys in the shower and nothing was done. Whatever the specifics of Paterno's involvement, you're really going to go cheer on his lawn right now? It's repulsive and pathetic.

bbsrock 44 minutes ago

check two 11-09-2011 01:22 AM

And Paterno seemed a little too happy given the situation. It looked like he was ready for them to boost him up and carry him all over the neighborhood.

whitey 11-09-2011 06:07 AM


Originally Posted by wadedigital36 (Post 2167437)
there was an episode of "law and order SVU" a month ago based on this same thing.

the basketball coach one? bosh and melo were in it.

joe pa was in on the cover up. in the very least he was complicit. they first knew of allegations in 1999, which is why he abruptly resigned.

but they defiantly knew 100% in 2002 when that grad student told higher ups he saw sandusky diddling a kid in the shower. at that time once he is not immediately handed over to authorities thats fucked. so for about 10 years they have know that he fucked a 10 year old boy in the butt and nothing was done about it. he was even allowed to use Penn State satellite campuses for his camp until 2008.

joe pa is like a god there he had more than enough power and clout to go over anyones head and go to the cops. he didnt.

they covered this shit up for the good of the football program that makes more money for the school than anything else probably. and that shit is sad. money is more important than protecting young children.

and these kids chanting his name and standing up for him 100% are laughable. dumbass sheep kids swept up in college football pandemonium like many big school college students fall into.

i dont give a shit who this dude was to those guys, i would turn in my own father or brother if i found this shit out about them.

Dooch 11-09-2011 04:26 PM

its a fucked up situation. Especially since everyone was lauding how squeaky clean Penn State was after the the comparably petty and insignificant things that happened at Ohio State.

The media and NCAA basically forced Tressel to resign and handed out 6 game suspensions for the kids involved. Posey was suspended another 5 games for beingn overpaid for a summer job.

So, I'm thinking Penn State is going to be in a shitload of trouble. If not alerting the "authorities" about a tattoo for personal items "scandal" is that serious, than what is covering up the rape of a young child?

Thats an actual criminal law being broken, not some petty NCAA rules violation.

Its one thing for Miami players to be accepting money, cars, going on yachts..but this is so beyond that.

ESPN did a little newstory about the Miami situation when it broke, and the way they made it sound, you would have thought it was a presidential assassination plot they uncovered.

This is probably some of the most serious allegation ever brought on a school.

These cover ups need to stop.

Personally, I think the penalties are dumb because they rarely punish those not involved. Things like bowl bans and scholarship reductions are only hurting the people that had nothing to do with it.

I think Joe Pa should have to resign, which he will, those other guys should be fired, Sandusky should face trial, and anyone involved in this should be fired and/or face criminal charges if required.

Idiot students will be idiot students.

PSU is in big doo doo tho

check two 11-09-2011 11:25 PM

Riots breaking out. I wonder what it's going to be like at Penn St's home game this weekend.

Dooch 11-10-2011 03:33 PM

what the hell are these retards rioting about?

THE W 11-10-2011 03:49 PM

there wont be any sanctions against the school. while these acts and the coverup of these act are repugnant, they didnt break any NCAA rules.

sandusky will go to prison where he'll be lucky to last a day. the two guys who perjured themselves will also serve time.

PSU will lose their beloved coach and and its good name which will fuck them over in recruiting.

gonna be tough to convince kids and their parents that you will do everything to care for the wellfare of student-athletes after something like this.

Dooch 11-10-2011 05:33 PM

are you crazy, there is going to be sanctions. Especially since the act took place within a sports facility by a professor emeritus.

University officials lying to a grand jury? Covering up a child rape? A head coach, possible guilty of obstruction of justice? I'd say thats some sort of lack of institutional control.

I would expect a very harsh penalty.

Losing a coach, a season, your star player and half of your senior class for a majority of games wasn't enough for Ohio State for a minor scandal which wasn't reported by one man.

USC got hammered with penalties.

Miami is going to get hammered.

Do you thinkt hey are going to let PSU skate free?

The irony of it is they probably will, and you can get away with child rape, just so long as you don't profit in the form of a couple hundred bucks, some strippers on a yacht or tattoos.

The whole NCAA vs. Ohio State thing seems like a witchhunt to me. Overplaying the fuck outta some trivial violations.

Penn State is fucked. This is going to kill them, but if the NCAA sits by and does nothing, they are going to be the media's next witchhunt.

Its all about the P.R. and the "institution".

Seriously, why did Penn State cover up the incidents in the first place? To preserve the brand.

Why did they fire JoePa?

To preserve the brand.

Even if he didnt deserve it, the media and the public they influence had already made up their mind.

Same thing with Tressel. He coulda served his suspension, but in order to salvage the "brand", they got rid of him.

But this is part of being "famous" and being part of the billions of dollars of TV revenue

THE W 11-10-2011 05:45 PM

joe pa getting canned is the only "sanction" penn state is gonna face.

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