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SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 11-29-2011 11:19 AM

Walkin' Phoenix
It's that walking phoenix
rising out the ashes
rising above the hate
with no debate...
killing all doubt....

Ever never seen what ever cha checking endeavors major or not
get cha dismembered, sent cha on september, while you enter my november
I end this hapless parody on the chilliest day in december when ever/
seen how this journey has to take me, never breaks me, wakes me/
ancient taking out forty five tripping, flip a bowsman, clones still trying to pose
let e'm in it's a total recall, best be a b-ball or your about to freefall/
I am just one hall always from another rubber-room, another insane asylum
knows clans, kins pins in head dreed cha unleaded watch me lead the race/
take first place, ace in the classes faster ways know how I get it
splice down right to the core, fours get cha spores graded and faded/
waited it out, always been a hater so I am gonna hate
freak the fakes out, watch me dip and dash, splish splash/
run routes only if your receiving disbelieving now your relived
get cha decieved by how they focal points on annoited joints/
taken down making points out of sharps hated harps made those parts wooden
get cha cut up couldn't do me the shouldn't be violent in violet trying be spry about it/
if your daring to test it's the walking phoenix, twitter, facebook flow ripping shows
spit propane in the bowl of romaine noddles leaving doodling jibberish on the ground/
if you ain't kryptonian then you shouldn't symbolizing how high I am flying
wired off the dew, spewing more mews than mew one and mew two can do/
catch the reference end cha sentences with more appearances than anything
donald trump did on the apprentice, reacting will only give me another reference/

It's that walking phoenix
rising out the ashes
rising above the hate
with no debate...
killing all doubt....

$inista 11-29-2011 07:51 PM


peace yo I had to build

The sentience is endless with honorable mentions flows relentlessly stupendous, Who can question or doubt it, I知 killing them all, debate it then fall, out the ashes we form a phoenix, warn the polices caution my thesis got me ready to walk with Jesus, shift your thoughts with telekinesis when my soul releases lyricist pieces to be repeated by street heathens who need this medicine like hallucinogenic sedatives, my intelligent endeavors crush competitors with clever rhetoric, sharp to sever heads no matter the weather, combative come better, whatever the season, the reason, leave you bleeding leaking seeking medical attention to keep you Breathing, much needed Hennessy, my therapy is insane asylum my brain is violent no change I知 fighting for life, enlighten like lighting when I知 striking your mind with closed fist, so explosive, you can hold hits till whole your face is open, then you will know sin is deadly its not just the melody, I値l physically lay hands & feet on an enemy or we can take it to heavy weaponry my source of heat is right next to me, beat box Glock recipes when I pop on hot blocks you can smell shots right next to me, gun powder power I devour cowards acting sour any hour, minute or second I知 vivid with weapons come check it I leave you headless with your thoughts congested in whatever痴 left of your spirit

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 05-21-2013 03:56 PM

dopeness appreciate the buildin'

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