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crazy_dog 01-14-2012 07:51 AM

Wu-Tang Cds for Sale (150+)
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I'm selling my collection of wu-tang clan & fam cds, have to move, can't take all of them with me.

PM me if you want to buy something, make an offer and we'll figure something out!

More pictures in the links below:

part 6


part 7


part 8


part 9


part 10


part 11


part 12


crazy_dog 01-14-2012 07:52 AM

Full List Of Cds:

1)1.4.0. Productions - Skool Yard Funk Art
2)1.4.0. Productions - Poisonous Poets Murderous Melodies (S.Y.F.A. 2)
3)9th Prince - Granddaddy Flow (2003)
4)9th Prince - Prince Of the City Mixtape
5)Afro Samurai - OST
6)Afro Samurai - OST (Japan)
7)Big Deal - Hip Step
8)Black Knights - Every Night Is A Black Knight (Chambermusik version,2003)
9)Black Lotus - Lotus Notes (1997-1999)
10)Blue Sky Black Death Presents - The Holocaust
13)Buddha Monk - Got's Like Come On Thru (Single)
14)Buddha Monk - The Prophecy
15)Cappadonna - The Pillage
16)Cappadonna - The Yin & the Yang
17)Cappadonna - Hits
18)Cappadonna - The Struggle
20)Cappadonna - The Cappatilize Project (retail)
21)Cappadonna's Iron Fist Pillage - OST
22)Champ MC - Ghetto Flava
23)Cilvaringz - The Mental Chambers
24)Cilvaringz - The All Star Collection Box: 10 Year Anniversary
26)Darkim Be Allah - Live At the Lab: Take 1 (mp3.com release)
30)DJ Muggs Vs Gza/The Genius - Grandmasters Remix (CD+DVD)
31)DJ Storm - 36 Wu-Strumentals Part 2
32)Dom Pachino - Tera Iz Him (2002,professional pressed cd,back cover from Unreleased)
33)Dom Pachino - Unreleased (2004,professional pressed cd)
36)Dom Pachino - Rice & Beanz
38)Dom Pachino Presents - The Grunge Compilation
39)Dom Pachino Presents Team Napalm - The Invasion
40)Finesse & Synquis - Soul Sisters (1988)
41)Freemurda - Let Freedom Reign
42)Frukwan - Life
43)Ghost Dog - OST
45)Ghostface Killah - Ironman
46)Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele
47)Ghostface Killah - Bulletproof Wallets
48)Ghostface Killah - Shaolin's Finest
51)Ghostface Killah - More Fish
56)Goodfella Mike G - Time To Make Da Pasta (Original,2002)
61)GZA - Words From the Genius (1991)
62)GZA - Words From the Genius (1994)
68)Hell Razah (Sunz Of Man) - When All Hell Break Loose (Re-Issue,2004,slim case)
69)Hell Razah (Sunz Of Man) - Renaissance Child (CD+DVD)
70)Hot Butter - A New Chamber
71)Ice Grillz - Fire N Ice (Original,2003)
73)Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance
76)Joey Lee aka Skinslaya - Never Too Late
77)Killah Priest - Heavy Mental
78)Killah Priest - View From Masada
79)Killah Priest - Priesthood (2001,Original!!)
80)Killah Priest - Black August
81)Killah Priest - Black August Revisited
82)Killah Priest - The Offering
84)Killah Priest - Elizabeth
85)Killarmy - Silent Weapons 4 Quiet Wars
86)Killarmy - Dirty Weaponry
87)Killarmy - Fear,Love & War
90)La the Darkman - Heist Of the Century
91)Majestic 12 - For Majic Eyes Only
92)Makeba Mooncycle - E.A.R.T.H. P.O.W.E.R.
93)Masta Killa - No Said Date (CD+DVD)
94)Masta Killa - Made In Brooklyn
95)Master Fool - Brownsville Kid
97)Mathematics (Allah Mathematics) - The Next Chamber (Slim Case,Mixtape)
99)Mathematics (Allah Mathematics) - Wu-Tang & Friends Unreleased
101)Method Man - I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By (Single)
102)Method Man - Tical 2000: Judgement Day
103)Method Man - Tical: The Alter Ego Remixes (Japan)
104)Method Man - Tical (Def Jam Remastered)
105)Method Man - Tical 0: The Prequel
106)Method Man - 4:21…The Day After
107)Method Man & Redman - Blackout
108)Method Man & Redman - How High OST
112)Moongod Allah - Ten Tigers Of Kwantung
113)Moongod Allah - The Return Of the Ten Tigers
115)Northstar - Bobby Digital Presents Northstar
116)Northstar - Underground Shit Volume 1 (Original Version)
118)Ol' Dirty Bastard - O.D.B.E.P. (Japan)
120)Ol' Dirty Bastard - Dirty Story: The Best Of (Elektra Records)
121)Ol' Dirty Bastard - Trials & Trubulations Of Russel Jones
122)Ol' Dirty Bastard - The Osirus Mixtape
123)Ol' Dirty Bastard - The Definitive Ol' Dirty Bastard Story (CD+DVD)
125)Pop Da Brown Hornet - The Undaground Emperor
126)Popa Chief - Worldwide 2.0
127)Popa Chief - Brain Food
128)Popa Wu - Visions Of the Tenth Chamber
130)Protect Ya Neck - Digital Dartz: The Evil That Man Do (mp3.com Release)
131)Protect Ya Neck Records Presents - Protect Ya Neck Collection Vol.1
132)Protect Ya Neck Records Presents - Protect Ya Neck Collection Vol.1 (Japan)
136)Raekwon - The DaVinci Code: The Vatican Mixtape Vol.2
138)Raekwon Presents Icewater - Polluted Water
139)Remedy - The Genuine Article
140)Remedy - Code: Red
142)Royal Fam - Yesterday,Today, Iz Tomorrow
145)RZA & Big Cap - Wu Tang Mix
147)RZA - W.A.R: World According To RZA
149)RZA - World According To RZA Instrumentals
154)Shyheim - Manchild
156)Shyheim - The Greatest Story Never Told
158)Solomon Childs - The King Kong Of New York
159)Solomon Childs - Learn My Name
160)Spark 950 & Timbo King - United We Slam
161)Sunz Of Man - No Love Without Hate EP
162)Sunz Of Man - The Last Shall Be First (1999, Echo release)
164)Sunz Of Man - Saviorz Day
165)Sunz Of Man Presents - Hell Razah & 4th Disciple - Freedom Of Speech
166)Timbo King - Live From Amsterdam
167)Timbo King - Throw Black Series Vol.1
168)Timbo King - Throw Black Series Vol.2
169)Timbo King - Throw Black Series Vol.3
170)Timbo King - Throw Black Series Vol.4
171)Timbo King - P.O.W. - Power Of Words
172)Timbo King Presents 56 Platoon - Chain Of Command
173)The Black Market Militia - Black Market Militia
176) Theodore Unit - 718
177)Think Differently Music - Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture
178)U-God - Golden Arms: Redemption
179)Ugodz-illa Presents - The Hillside Scramblers
180)Warcloud - Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep (Original,2001)
181)Wisemen - Wisemen Approaching
182)Wu-Syndicate (Myalansky & Joe Mafia) - Wu-Syndicate
184)Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
185)Wu-Tang Clan - Forever
189)Wu-Tang Clan - Legend Of the Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits
191)Wu-Tang Clan - Chamber Music
192)Wu-Tang Collective - PIAS Records Presents (2003)
193)Wu-Tang Killa Bees - The Swarm
194)Wu-Tang Killa Bees - The Sting (2 CD's)
195)Wu-Tang Records Presents - Wu-Chronicles
196)Wu-Chronicles - Chapter II
197)Y-Kim the Ill Figure - Monster Reborn Vol.1 (Original,2005)

Fake_Agent 01-18-2012 10:55 PM

faaar i wish i was paid to buy these, can you hold them for like 5 years lol

crazy_dog 01-19-2012 09:25 AM

i whish i could, but some of them are already gone, in 5 years there will be almost none left :)

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