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noel411 02-16-2012 07:16 PM

The Lost Scrolls of the Masonic Lodge of Elohim
My rhymes are tight like a virgin, precise like a surgeon,
I'm like the tribes of Judah and Solomon merging,
I write lame similies and then call them metaphors,
because I skipped school to get down for a better cause,
sellin' drugs on the street, in my belt was the heat,
now I rap about my gangsta in time with the beat,
whenever I mention the time I caught a case,
I always have a really hard look on my face,
and some fly hand gestures, a hand on my crotch,
I know that I impress the fly ladies who watch,
I'm over your head like an umbrella, the dime bag seller,
ill story teller, I can do it accapella,
yo, "you talkin' to me?" like Pacino in Goodfellas,
describe me as insightful, discerning, astute, a visionary,
I know because I just looked it up in the dictionary,
I'm visual like Pictionary, with the mind of a mason,
if challenged there's no way I could explain the relation,
but at least I sound smart, like Napoleon Bonaparte,
pronounced incorrectly for the sake of this art,
I read blogs about history, science and politics,
then drop knowledge degrees, so yo, ayo holla chicks!
I'm not actually interested in those topics,
but my third eye radiates throughout my optics,
and I like to sound smart every time when I drop it,
so I rap about masons, politicians and prophets,
always writing on ancient scrolls of papyrus,
the pen an extension of my third iris,
I'm like Euripedes with a touch of Osiris,
or the government spreading the lung cancer virus,
not pretentious at all, nor am I a follower,
your head is like pussy but a little more hollower,
knowledge of self or knowledge off the shelf,
three sixty degrees when I'm going for delf,
I'm tall like a tower, you're short like an elf,
my metaphors are like Leviticus book twelve,
the hood I come from is much rougher than yours,
my ice grill stare will have you down on all fours,
I'm slicker than toothpaste, quicker than a car chase,
"I know it was you, Fredo", like De Niro in Scarface,
an obsequious, objectified infringement has occurred,
I felt it was time to drop some big words,
experts analyse my rhymes but yo I keep on tellin' 'em,
you won't decode this shit until the next minellium.

noel411 02-27-2012 03:54 PM

Another ancient scroll has been translated from its original Sanskrit...

Don't watch tell-lie-vision, it's just brainwashing sessions,
plus the lie-brary won't teach the one twenty lessons,
they'll just tell his-story, and that ain't no history,
spook gods forever stay enshrouded in mystery,
I've got knowledge degrees, I don't follow the herd,
I play number games and make up clever plays on words,
power is knowledge and knowledge is power,
knowledge of knowledge is the knowledge of the hour,
how can I eat meat when there's knowledge to devour?
ingest knowledge bitter, ingest knowledge sour,
keep a wise-dome and carry the prized chrome,
keep a wise-dome the size of a wise gnome,
don't listen to his-story, he be tellin' it wrong,
listen to the wisdom within a rap song,
cos we the modern day scholars, big butt bitches holla,
pop your collar and keep makin' those dollars,
see me rollin' in a Benz, not a Dodge,
when I pull up out the front of my masonic lodge,
the government tells lies, so never take the pledge,
I read about this stuff one time in Know The Ledge,
the illuminati be controlling everything you see and hear,
mind control through tap water is something you need to fear,
Bush was just a puppet, I give him no credit,
I don't really know why but Immortal Technique said it,
Dick Cheney lied to achieve everything he has,
I got that from an irrefutable source called Vinnie Paz,
my knowledge is controversial, my knowledge is powerful,
I drop knowledge that makes you whimper and cower, fool.
droppin' knowledge so the kids can absorb my knowledge,
droppin' knowledge for the kids to lap up like porridge,
if you ain't got no knowledge then you ign'ant, fool,
but never use knowledge as a malignant tool,
knowledge is the answer, knowledge is an art,
saying "knowledge" this much I simply have to be smart,
and calling other people "ign'ant" proves that I'm enlightened,
my rhymes have been fine tuned, polished, waxed and tightened,
I blast shots at strangers because of the set they claim,
this is men being men, dude this ain't no fucken game,
so don't ever diss my hood and don't ever diss my name,
or yo it's "buck buck buck" up inside yo' fuckin' frame.

noel411 05-03-2012 06:36 AM

Well I took you all through the knowledge chamber, and then the wisdom chamber, some time ago. Now I'm back to finish what I started. It took a long time to translate this scroll from its original hieroglyphic form, but with patience I got there eventually and now here it is, the overstanding chamber. You now have everything you need to obtain a full 360 degrees of knowledge, wisdom and overtstanding, so open your third eye and soak that shit up like a sponge. One.

I get girls pregnant, then I kick them in the guts,
my wife is an aids infected, street corner slut,
I eat her fetid pussy as she gobbles up my nuts,
then I punch her ugly face as I fuck her in the butt,
I go to the pet shop to look for fresh meat,
I buy little puppies and I fuck them in the street,
at family gatherings I'll serve up a treat,
raw fish guts and some mangled human feet,
this fool that I know, he dissed me then begged,
I let him off lightly, he's still tryna find his legs,
my sister's birthday, gave her a sheep's head,
"sorry, you don't like it? WELL HAVE A BULLET INSTEAD!"
a friend of mine told me that my game was weak,
I fucked his mother's throat till she could no longer speak,
his sister pecking at my balls like as if she had a beak,
she was dildo-ing her pussy, the horny little freak,
this other dude I knew was calling me a joke,
I tore off a limb for every word he spoke,
twisted his neck until the fucker broke,
threw his body in a fire, inhaled the aromatic smoke,
see me in the street, you know I'm packin' heat,
greet me like a king if our paths should meet,
treat me with reverence or be fast on your feet,
or your body will be laid out underneath a sheet,
I walk down busy streets when I'm down on my luck,
push young children in front of passing trucks,
I go to train stations sometimes when I'm high,
search for women pushing prams out the corner of my eye,
when I see one then I snatch the pram and I-
push it on the tracks as a train's roaring by,
sometimes I go to funerals and as mourners gather 'round,
I piss on the coffin as it's lowered in the ground,
open up the lid and fill the corpse with rounds,
and spray shots at anyone who dares to make a sound,
my wife cries out sometimes that I'm a teaser,
when I squeeze her clit with a red hot pair of tweezers,
she makes me feel like an impotent old geezer,
only a full grown stallion can please her,
don't need no bitch, no tramp, no ho, no skeezer,
I've got frozen pussies stacked up in my freezer,
you need to do the knowledge if you don't know the plan,
God Cipher Allah, Knowledge Born, Overstand?

MASTER PAI MEI 05-03-2012 11:10 AM

Noel you always come with interesting views.

props. I enjoyed

noel411 05-07-2012 04:59 PM

Peace god. I hope you had your third eye open when you were reading this. If so there is little doubt you will become a better and wiser man for it.

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