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Metalfist 05-19-2012 05:00 PM

Metalfist vs ArcherPriest!

fuck it, ill spark the beef/ with this niqqa ArcherPriest/
your underground bitch, I leave my mark in streets/
flaming darts with heat/ I spit from heart and teach/
split your dome quick like Moses parts the seas/
ducking my pistol noise/ this priest be touching little boys/
rhyme cold like Chicago winds but I aint fucking with Illinois/

ArcherPriest 05-21-2012 12:52 AM

rip this lil cunt up like freddy glove gyno visits
bitch i bone with blades, ima turn you Spinal's misses
Killer Instincts, they be leavin my rivals finished
got'cha lookin like giant piles i shitted
uhhh, naasty but i be on it
straight swingin these Iron Gauntlets
mufuckin Fist fucks, ima split muffs with cheap shots
no bitch'd touch you even made by steve jobs
cuz u aint even weak hot, lil sucka, your dirt poor
ima fly to golden state just to rape you with surf boards
put sum sand in that pussy, then spin it like disk jocks
call you r. kelly's trojan way you be gettin pissed off

Metalfist 05-21-2012 01:38 PM

Pissed off/ mad cause you don't know what is hip hop/
my skills are tip top/ come to Cali and get your lip socked/
chrome shine like a wrist watch/ all in need is six shots/
I'll fertilize your front porch bitch because I shit corps/
flow is ill and very tactic/ when I kill and bury faggits/
who show up to war without no military practice/

ArcherPriest 05-21-2012 05:14 PM

ill open this fist kid up, like ninja throttles that's twisted
blades 'waitin to stick this fuck, he's like my conjugal visit
the chance of him beating priest, it aint to probable is it?
we'd probably sooner see a fuckin model do dishes
you spit like a bitch, Fist, shit was shamfull to cali
this kid aint no big fish, shit, he aint even algae
frontin like he from compton when he be playin the valley
best to watch were you walkin get caught in dangerous alleys

Metalfist 05-22-2012 08:51 PM

the black pope/ verse lacks dope/ and chokes on crack smoke/
I slap hoes/ snatch souls/ whatever makes my cash flow/
I'ma down this kid quick like beer sips/ listen to better lyrics/
making ears flip/ and tears drip/ on this fuckin queer bitch/
if flows were money, then you weren't never near rich/
got courage now, but you will learn to fear this/

ArcherPriest 05-23-2012 06:42 PM

ima put this fuckin dick in a box like im timberlake
with cinder bricks 'n rocks cross the top ot the nigga's face
til he's forced to suck his feed thru a straw offa dinner plates
cuz i left his fuckin teeth 'n his jaw in a different place
bury fags like Fist 'n then i forget them like bourne's past
with they faces slashed to shit just like his verse's format
ima laugh 'n wrap ya bitch in tape 'n bungee cord straps
let the homies smash the clit while tippin old e quarts back

Metalfist 05-25-2012 02:21 AM

I stay on the front lines son your in the back streets/
I rock mics and smash beats/ nigga ya raps weak/
your old news like last week/ Im on point like cats teeth/
yous a ass cheek/ that keeps getting fucked mad deep/
admit it you know I'm nasty/ got you gassed up and gasping/
no emcee can match me/ obviously you can ask priest/

ArcherPriest 05-25-2012 10:29 AM

this fuckin guy aint scary, he's lightwieght 'n dietary
lil prick couldnt Wile Out if he married mariah carey
my Cannons inclined to bury, Slime ya block for a Nick
and if you survive it barely dont get Caught witta Pinch
yo, you jus some sparrin practice, ya pen aint competative
deflected your darts 'n left you as dead as this section is
cuz you aint amoung elect, just a pest with your messages
you wouldnt be Sick with Gifts if mollestin infected kids
with red eczema itch, from trees christmas day in a desert ditch
while revvin pissed, rusty chains to their faces in leather wigs

Metalfist 05-26-2012 04:07 PM

whatever bitch/ my sharp swords will leave you severed quick/
bring demons out when I spit like a exorcist/ you gonna remember this/
your all out of shots, I packed extra clips/ watch your chest get split/
Im eating emcees literally I'll chew up your flesh the spit/
so get your top lifted/ cause on the mic your not gifted/
yous a winner i'm a loser and that's what you got twisted/

ArcherPriest 05-27-2012 12:44 AM

take pitch forks n picks to your limbs with circular saws
rip your mufuckin arm off, dick ya bird with it raw
lock ya momma in the sauna leave her burnt in the spa
then inspect-her with these gadgets, doctors heard of my claw
maybe make it pornographic, metal fist and a matress
that i soaked in piss before i switched electric attachments
let them cameras roll, black as coal soul be the last to fold
chasin' after gold where packs is sold holdin my stacks in rolls
rubberbanded basement safes cuz my stashes aint safe in banks
you could roll in abram tanks all id need is a basic shank
plus some yay 'n id take your rank, ya poppin off at the mouth
bottle rocket fuse for flossin blow your jaw widdit, pow!

ArcherPriest 06-02-2012 02:09 PM

razor your epidermis my game got'cha flesh all nervous
couldnt get a bitch off if casey anthony let you work it
she'd laugh at you spread inverted, sacrificial
over pentacles ventricles slashed so blissfull
glass to gristle, im ready 'n masked for ritual, pass the scalpel
black mass at'cha tabernackle, carve you up, turn you to somthing unnatural
i do these surgeries casual, shit it's dayshift, come get a taste, kid
i spit that shit get'cha face fixed, lifted as spaceships
you aint wanna hash with archer them lips betta stay zipped
ill tag you like magnum markers 'n piss where your grave sit

Eversick666 06-30-2012 04:52 PM

hahaha done.

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