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Sizzy Up 05-31-2012 07:59 PM

Reggaeton L.a.
dii dii Webb ... Webbs.... dii fake fool... Pollo... dii Cornelio Reyna.... pinche corn nut... bean .. Peace love you .. my dog... Ay fool.. you write.... Ma ma .. Ma ma.. Ma Ma.. Ana .. Oh Kourtney... Kourt.. Kourt.. hit me up... dii Paul... dii Ska.. Skatt.. stay up.. dii Rich.. Rich.. Rich.. dii... dii.. fucken.. Fernie... Fernie.. fern dog ... dii wet.. dii.. i wish... I wish.. ay Sauce.. clean the Restroom... dii alright.. nah.. Andale pinche Roy Lassiter... dii Ballin... dii los 25 sssss.... dii dii.. .the benchers... dii the Lalos.. ok westside... Redzone.. dont like CGG's .. IIDD.. IIDD... dii Pleasures.. the CGG'S .. the Clifton's Gonzalez. Gonzalez .. Gonzalezes.. En I.E. ... con S .. it exists.... a la Ross .. Ross box.. box.. with no no no ... no ... I love love .. puro... lo que mi papa hola.. Abuelita .. soy soy.. .soy .. tu nieto.. ese wey.. Caps.. Caps.. Caps.. Caps.. Caps the..... caaaannn .... camnnnnnnnn scribbled... silk.. the siiiiiiiilk ... brush.. brush.. strokes... sillllk ... siilllk slick... come on ... sill sim siil .. sillllk And 1 ... did . did.. did.. did.. did .. did... alright.. dii.. dii.. people celebrating.. in ken... dii.. o o o .. dii dii..want want want .. dii.. Taoist Saint... dii dii peace.. peace.. dog.. dont blaze... dii for real.. the Press.. enter Prime.. fuck for T-B's ... the big bah... dii weird.. Al... hit up Telehit.. dii Telehit.. Telehit news.. me gusta G.N.A. .. snoop dogg the home.. dj Quiks.. did did... Johnnies.. broi.. my bro.. my bro.. my bro.. my bro.. the b r o 's hook up ..

Drunken Monk 05-31-2012 08:23 PM

hahah q tu tas diciendo bro?

Sizzy Up 05-31-2012 08:47 PM

its really a mix of what conversations were like in my Hood. which is Bell Gardens , Ca . 20 miles south east of downtown L.a. . . see how we fucked around with everyone . for example Webb as in C-webb, . i call my cousin and his friends that cuz they all had the same chris webber eyebrows. it was the style in l.a. back in the day . if u cant get this poem , its cool . my homies know . mad slang and styles of how we use to talk . damn i just laughed out loud. oops sorry i know . i forgot what the c g g s means , but i think it has to do with a commonly named last name in the suburbs of l.a called the I.e. , aka the Inland Empire. i call them toys, they hate on L.a. but us L.a 's dont know why . im not even a gangster but u can tell when someone is I.e. , the look and act of people. i also think they got an accent but in English . its like saying my childhood memories of good times for me back in the day . circa cash mo - u get it . the end is just like the type of girls i like now a days. an example , a mexico v j named natalia , which is on Telehit , its like an m t v but in mexico . that bitch is bomb. its like im saying whats up to mexico . dj quik , snoop dogg is my uncle who is mexican but looks like both , imagine suga free. i forgot what t b s meant but its cool. i love L.a. , not even non L.a territory can change me . crazy . east side till i die . y no soy mexican gangster , im just a poet . see the difference , l. a is the poem, what im telling u is the i e , i dont get it and never will , i tell them in rhyme u guys got it, just do it , sucks man , they hate on L.a. so much , why but fuck it . no gang bang just lyrics . i dont want to think of it ,, L.a. , L.a , . thank u mom for my childhood. it was crazy .

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