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KATO 06-15-2012 10:46 PM

Are there authentically proven ways to take a punch better?
You've seen it all before.......

Chuck Liddell was never the same fighter after the Rampage Jackson fight;


he lost a U-decision to Jardine, won a very close decision over Wanderlei Silva, then called it a career after getting KOed 3 consecutive times to Rashad Evans, Shogun Rua, and Rich Franklin

Rashad KO

Shogun KO

Franklin KO

Now mind you this isn't Chucks fault.......dude has a pretty hefty KO reel himself on youtube, and has been in the fight game long enough to certainly have been "weathered"..

But lets look at other cases....

Andrei Arlovski aka Andrei "Glass-Jaw"vski




And Victor Ortiz as well (no gifs available other then the cheap shot by Mayweather)

Is there a way to enhance your chin by taking a punch, or is it soely based on genetics incapable of altering?

PALEHORSE 06-16-2012 04:36 PM

no. Taking punches is going to reduce your chin. People that fight for a living over time will all have glass jaws depending on the punishment they receive in training and fighting. Everybody has that tipping point and no one really knows when its going to be. But I think Roy nelson is going to be the next fighter that gets dropped with lead jabs.Hes tough as nails but he takes big hits consistently by guys out of his league. I know neck exercise is a good way to strengthen your ability to take punches But I wouldnt rely on that. Better to learn how to counter and bob and weave.

PALEHORSE 06-16-2012 04:41 PM

when did mayweather punch ortiz?

KATO 06-16-2012 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by GHETTO GOD (Post 2237787)
when did mayweather punch ortiz?


llBARlllCODEll 06-16-2012 09:10 PM

only thing i can add on to this is KEEP YOUR HANDS UP - look at all three of the knockouts on Liddell. im sure that was the first thing he learned form "Pops". thats basic rrule nombre uno when it comes to fighting


Ortiz was guilty of both of these no no's

if you shatter your jaw in an accident like Kanye West u can get some hardware installed but other than that KEEP YOUR HANDS UP

PALEHORSE 06-17-2012 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by Jordan Michaelz (Post 2237789)

I dont think its cuz ortiz got a glass jaw...any fighter in that division could have got dropped by that combo, especially that straight right that shit was dead on. One thing I got to give floyd is that in boxing the to best punches are left hook and straight right, most fighters only have one or the other but floyd got both

Urban_Journalz 10-19-2012 08:15 AM

Aside from keeping your hands up, all of these cats need speed training and chi training. Chi will never enter into it though, because the injuries will be catastrophic eventually but it helps as far as being able to absorb hits goes. That's only recommended for actual combat though. Not tournaments.

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