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theheavens 06-24-2012 01:14 PM

Film School with RA the Rugged Man
he's got this shit he does on MTV where he talks about cult movies


also, "In the studio MIXING my new album, working on a joint right now Featuring BROTHER ALI and MASTA ACE. It's a banger."

"Me & Vinnie Paz just recorded some crazy shit for his solo album. You already know what to expect when the 2 of us get on a track together."

WooHa 06-24-2012 08:22 PM

Where's the album????????!!!!!!!!!!!

theheavens 06-25-2012 04:52 PM

he's working on it man. he's been touring for the past few months, so he had to put in on hold for a bit, but he's back at it. should be out this year. he's got some great guest MCs and producers on there

theheavens 06-25-2012 11:57 PM


In case you don’t know…I’m putting the final touches on my highly anticipated upcoming album LEGENDS NEVER DIE. I put my heart and soul into this record and I want to hit the world in the head with it as hard as I can. As the album release gets closer and closer to its release date, I’m looking for young, hungry soldiers worldwide to come join me to help push it and spread the word.

If you’re tired of the big money corporations brainwashing the public with horrible, talentless bullshit music…if you’re tired of bullshit generic radio-formatted music being forced down your throat…here’s a chance to join the R.A. The Rugged Man movement and help push truly legendary Hip-Hop music to a higher level.

I need soldiers (male or female) from all over the globe to come be a part of the next huge step in my career. From posting stickers to handing out flyers to posting on message boards to helping coordinate local promo, there are endless ways you can help. Street team members will also get access to exclusive Rugged Man materials, free music, show tickets, opportunities to meet me, and more.

If you want to become one of the chapter leaders in your city or town and represent the R.A. The Rugged Man street team in your hood, get at me now. I’ll put you on your first mission right away, and we’ll make sure to get you weekly goals, assignments, product to spread to the world. We are putting teams together all across the globe, we want chapters everywhere with folks helping to get the message out. My music is an indie-run operation, and word of mouth has always been my music’s biggest strength. I owe my career to the fans who have continued to spread the word and tell others to listen…once people listen, the music speaks for itself. This time around I need the fans to step up and take that support to another level. I NEED you all – I work very hard to remain one of the best at my craft and to keep my fans satisfied, but I can’t do it this time without you all.

Contact soldiers@ratheruggedman.net with your name, address, and contact info and we’ll get you on the team. Feel free to include any promo ideas you have or ways you would like to see the upcoming LEGENDS NEVER DIE album put onto the world…

WooHa 06-26-2012 06:26 AM

I know everything mate, from his guest spots to the production team behind the boards! The album is gonna be crazy but i have been waiting for it more than a year.... After his album release he is going to release the Bad Biology soundtrack and then probably the Prince Paul x Bumpy Knuckles x R.A. project which will be bananas too

theheavens 07-08-2012 02:19 AM


* In the Studio making a masterpiece with my man @greenhiphop for my new album .. One of the greatest songs of my career. (that Mr. Green is a sick, underrated producer)

* My New album is 90% finished. Still gotta record a joint with Vinnie Paz. AND waiting on a chorus from @KrizzKaliko for the Tech N9ne joint.

* In the studio MIXING a New RUGGED MAN joint featuring this crazy-ass mo'fucker @hopsin (Hopsin and RA??)

and here's the second installment of film school


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