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Big Smokes 07-11-2012 08:35 AM

'Wolverine' Sequel Casts Two Villains With Will Yun Lee & Brian Tee
Fox’s sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine is casting its villains.

Will Yun Lee, recently seen in TV’s Hawaii Five-O, and Brian Tee, seen recently in shows such as Grimm and Burn Notice, are joining Hugh Jackman in the Japan-set movie based on the Marvel Comics hero.

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James Mangold is directing the movie, which is scheduled to begin production next month in Australia.

The story borrows heavily from the Chris Claremont-Frank Miller Wolverine comic book miniseries that premiered in the 1980s.

Tee is playing Noburo Mori, a corrupt minister of justice who is about to marry the daughter of a Yakuza crime lord (the daughter is Wolverine’s love interest).

Yun Lee will play Harada, more commonly known as The Silver Samurai. He possesses an electrified suit of Samurai armor and is the illegitimate son of the crime lord.

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Yun Lee, repped by APA and Industry Entertainment, recently wrapped voicing action video game Sleeping Dogs and will be seen in the Total Recall remake. He also plays a villain in MGM’s Red Dawn remake.

Tee was part of the ensemble cast of the Crash television show and has a string of TV appearances. He is repped by DiSante Frank & Co.


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