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NIGHT MAYOR 11-03-2005 12:35 AM

tekken street fighter or MK ?
gimmie mortal kombat n e day

Os3y3ris 11-03-2005 02:32 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?

damaja 11-03-2005 03:40 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
I've had my time with them all, but MK was too hard. Street Fighter was cool, but I like Tekken the best.

Wu-Tality 11-03-2005 06:08 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
Street Fighter heall yeah

Johnny Dust 11-03-2005 07:10 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
Mortal Kombat (of course).

JASPER 11-03-2005 07:11 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
Tekken, hands down.

WU-KILLAH 11-03-2005 08:09 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
2D : Street Fighters
3D: Soul Calibur

Ink Is My Drink 11-03-2005 09:54 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
mortal kombat

tekken is gay

damaja 11-03-2005 09:59 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?

Originally Posted by wutang 10304
mortal kombat

tekken is gay

Playing with men's assholes is gay. Tekken is not. You are just shit at it.

hectis 11-03-2005 10:00 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
I Love Mk I Think Its Way Better Then Street Fighter And Just Above Tekken

Orion Nebulus 11-03-2005 10:04 AM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
Street Fighter hands down!!! It was the fighting game that started it all. I pretty much suck at Tekken and Im descent in MK but in Street Fighter...Im god!!

Wu-Tality 11-03-2005 01:43 PM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
exactly, give some props to Street Fighter, the fighter that started it all.

ironwizard 11-03-2005 02:12 PM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
Tekken, a cool cast of characters, and it has the best gameplay. Mortal Kombat is cool with all the violence and blood, but it just isn't as much fun in the long run.
I've never played too much street fighter as I'm not a very big fan of 2D fighters.

Yoshimitsu rules8)


Icurus 11-03-2005 06:03 PM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
All I do is play fighting games. I play in tournaments all the time, at conventions, etc...

So here is a breakdown cause I own them all.

2D- Stree Fighter 3: 3rd strike hands down is the best, right behind it and very close is Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded or X2 reloaded, same game. MK was just fun and eye candy.

3D- Soul Caliber 2 or 3 are great intuitive games, easy to master, so is Tekken. Both are absolutely great games. Tekken is a little harder to master but not really. DOA is a bit different. You actually need skills to master those games. No, seriously you do. However, none of them is as difficult and non-intuitive than MK Deception. Here is a game where none of the characters have absolutely nothing in common (with the exception of Kenshi and Ermac) fighting wise. There is no simple scheme. There is no high, medium, or low hits. Its all stances and styles of real actual martial arts. However, it is not as realistic, fighting wise, as tekken. But all the stances are real martial arts styles. It goes 1, 2, 3, 4. 4 can be a kick for mileena, while 4 can be a body slam for kenshi in his judo stance. There is no intuition at all. only grabs which is one button for every character. Plus, Deception is all about knowing when to strike, using the insane complex combo system, and when to throw/grab. Plus hara-kiris are important cause you gain ranking points for killing yourself if you lose, and dont forget how to use the combo breakers at the perfect time. Decption is not an easy game at all. You can master a character and still lose. You have to mix around and know/MASTER AT LEAST THREE characters to find people's weakness'. And you can die anytime from insane background booby traps. Almost every stage (95%) in the game has pits all over. You can get hit into a pit (no stage fatality move list like in previous) and die instantly, at anytime no matter how much energy you have.

However, if I had to pick on the choices in this thread, and based on the most current of the three games. SF3: 3rd strike first, MK: Deception 2nd, and then Tekken 5. I actually like Soul Caliber more than Tekken.

Virtual Fighter I never really got into that much which sucks cause most of my fighting game friends feel that that game is better than tekken and soul caliber and has a better combo system than those games. I lost interest after 2, but was told 4 is freaking amazing.

Icurus 11-03-2005 06:14 PM

Re: tekken street fighter or MK ?
But I will admit, I cant master smash bros melee. Its not as complex as MK, but there are moments where you say to yourself, "How the hell am I losing", yeah smash bros. melee is one of those games. Its a party game, but it has a good fighting engine. Its button smashing with a twist. Cant wait for the new revo version with over 50 characters, including wario and pikmin, that will be fucking weird.

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