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Twisted Science 08-05-2012 09:03 PM

Twisted Science Cypherz
let’s raise Hip Hop from tha grave yo, I resurrect it ethereal from tha burial, tha plot thickens/
reincarnate tha track when Milo kissed it/
spazzin’, piercin’ flak jackets with mere words, spittin’ lines sniffed off cracked mirrors/
formidable youths are lead wrong ‘n’ fed malnutritious
commercialist formulated ignorance/
I brought scripted vitamin M to get in ya hypodermically/
I curb my want ‘n’ need like enthusiasm/
I spark a twisted Cuban looseleaf ‘n’ tell Lucy I’m home after madd years locked in tha Belly/
fuck a celly, they may tell on me ‘n’ cramp my steez/
I splash verbal ink out all these run-of-tha-mill rappers/
Johnny-come latelys, thought I saw him at Theo-Lacy but it was Wayside Super Max/
when I get out I need a righteous wiz so I could wax her ‘n’ we can grow ‘n’ build/
what I emote fills tha moat around tha castle of my dome…

Twisted Science 08-05-2012 10:33 PM

MCs stay on alert, it’s tha man behind tha kerchief/
assert, I empty clips 1st to all these supposed questioners/
I lecture verbal conjectures, tha Earth swerves backwards till tha whip hits tha curb/
sniffin’ 8ths by tha gram off a bitch curves ‘n’ then she suck till my dick hurt/
wipe your lips, Science, tha mighty titan/
nickel-plated grammar I’m firin’/
call me tha God, Osirus/
gaze at my 3rd iris/
Milo spyin’ thirsty, 730/
this grown folks’ rap, so master your domain/
yo mang, I sprinkle fishscale cocaine while ya stank ass sniff Rogaine/ you grab dicks ‘n’ I stroke brains/
droves of y’all fags get ya swagger stabbed ‘n’ gotta use 2 fuckin’ canes to walk away from tha cipher/
y’all liars ain’t never been near random gun fire/
my Hip Hop holds tha sun for ransom, emasculate you MCs ‘n’ kick you in tha nuts so hard you feel it in your grandson/
razor sharp, double bladed guillotines ‘n’ scimitars/
I throw darts scripted, 3 strikes/
4-9-3-11, Twisted Science rollin’ with see-alikes/
tha Jesus Christ of MCin’, you get penalized for what you brought to tha prelims/
breath heavin’, hoes choke on tha penis/
yo bitch, deep throat tha verse/
collapsin’ lungs on my jokes, laughin’ as I bust my load/
taggon “Milo” as I snuff a rival MC, don’t lemme go in my rap bible…

Twisted Science 08-05-2012 10:35 PM

penny for every thought, a mental billionaire/
smirks ‘n’ silly stares at your wack verse yo/
you ain’t prepared for tha Blue Eyed God/
visions of sackcloth, 5 venoms, 7 deadly sins with Sloth/
entombed in New Jerusalem calm, nosey archaeologists gather in throngs as pawns/
grave mistake/
Knolege sharp as clefs/
guesstimate, tha fake won’t be livin’ long/
emigrate to tha States confused ‘n’ encased in rage/
infused with hatred, patron of ancient ways/
raid Spain ‘n’ engrave “Adonai Yahweh” on walls of caves/
enthrall tha masses like 8 balls of glass, put on your glasses/
stall ‘n’ catch my breath/
tha Coke Apostle blesses thoughts that molest tha alphabet/
throw out sounds ‘n’ implant diphthongs with Timbs on, put Hip Hop on top of tha crest/
I flex sickened psalms that taunt nonchalant in any font, from tha 1st to tha last breath…

Twisted Science 08-05-2012 10:36 PM

A-alikes to see-alikes, creed astral travel at tha speed of life/
heed tha wisdom of tha wise/
faggots grab it when they pattin’ down tha penis size/
out of habit I reacted now I’m stickin’ pens like tha side of a
9 planets revolve sun, yo son, what I wrote’s tha highest rung/
when Science blow up rap, crabs get my name scribed on they right
papis’ autopsies show me injections of Oxy Codeine, ironpalms explode, call ‘em rosie/
cat got okee doked for his stash, tha average dopefiend, never kept his nose clean/
most of these fit tha stereotype, but pick tha wrong area, you’ll end up deader than malaria infections…

Twisted Science 08-10-2012 11:20 PM

16 Bar Illiad

ill syntax kills tracks, 16 bar illiads get spat, wearin’ Gilligan hats / I throw curious darts furious that excavates thoughtwaves like Julius Octavius Caesareans / Aryan Syrian Bavarian Motor Works / it’s like word to mother Science is, there ain’t no other / supplies is limited like oxygen throughout the air / hold up, I post ‘n’ lamp cold like stares / I tear holes in your theology ‘cuz my philosophy’s remove those finger rings plus them fake-ass Wallabies / strongarm your verse ‘n’ splash thru your skirt, land you in a hearse / believe, you ain’t tha 1st / or last, Science, tha man, tha myth / while Twisted sharpens his sword, y’alls is playin’ with your mantits / check how all you faggots’ assholes dampened at my arrival / yo, check it, put all of Milo in your piehole…


Twisted Science 08-10-2012 11:22 PM

Bar None

swear to God, I never spare tha rod / I beat MCs to tha pulp ‘n’ drop tha mic when I’m full / I cultivate culture math cults in a sober state / Range Rover drove me like eggs from ovaries that I impregnate / incinerate grins with tha sin of hate akin to Fate / temperatures raise, I sprain a track with phat flows, your 808s sound like Casio / retarded with snares ‘n’ kicks / light tha flare ardent, verbal arson, hodari Science al-Sayyid / heavily guarded bars of 16s up in tha cartridge / empty discarded clips surround me on tha carpet / I thwart your advancement all scarved up, you get carved up / Twisted Science is number 1 bar none…


Twisted Science 08-10-2012 11:24 PM


argumentative is how I approach tha mic / throats get sliced when MCs suck on tha mic / extended or concise, my trife vocabulary’s crispy / set up in 12s, 24s, or it’s just 16 / history repeats itself when lessons ain’t learned / 20 years up in tha bing, I still snatch a suede purse / ungodly hobbies, disappear like John Glottis / cocky mob bosses sippin’ Courvosier in lobbies / rat finks throwin’ shit up in bitches drinks to have their way with their stinky pinks, claimin’ ambassador indemnity / flippant ‘n’ glib, I make tha mic flip / empty a 9 clip, hot rhymes pierce right thru your wig…


Twisted Science 08-12-2012 03:05 PM

Freudian Clipz
Milo’s synonomous with Knolege like Telly Savalas is with a bald wig ‘n’ Dum-Dum lollipops / now who loves ya, baby? I escalate things ‘n’ never pity fools, call the A-Team but tuck your chain when ya see me, ‘n’ Roger that / Wilcox, Roger ‘n’ Zapp, I got a ill flow ‘n’ shade my grill under a Los Angeles Dodger hat / I ain’t your baby momma’s father, she still calls me daddy / crabs, I land rap uppercuts ‘n’ jabs / upperclass, y’all could never foul me, psychoactive Killah God / I smoke grass but not tha kind that cows eat / cause ‘n’ effected, conscientious objections / subjected to my verbal threats in so many words, what I’ve imbeded / in my own head, incessant irreverence piques my interest, my rap sheet is quite a paradoxical sentence / these paragraphs are indented by tha rap Christ / my Gnostic Hip Hop Gospel’s thought jotted to make y’all act righteous / Science hyphen Milo tha Giant, Goliath-type / analyze my sign of Gemni, chop tha rhyme ‘’n’ sniff it twice / Golden State Warrior, the orator, verbal scorcher / sharp as swords, the Art of War is strategy / Hip Hop coarses through my veins tangibly, burn tha midnight oil / I chop ‘n’ swipe in tha dark with tha pen until my hand bleeds / too many chefs make tha cake spoil / loyal with tha royal crest, it just reflects tha flesh / a hater behind editorials / rhetorical rhetoric, metaphorical swords slice tha 7 heads off tha Masonic president / caustic, acknowledge the symphonic prison resident / philharmonic apocolypse now, Viet Nam Thai stick, cough when I hit sloppy, hair-on makes you groggy / aqua with 360 kickflip nollies, Twisted walks from Christmas to Lent flippin’ lit New imp / my bars attack vicious, written arts ‘n’ crafts / Twisted, I scar tha track armed with paragraphs that my pen spit / by far I’m tha sickest, sicker than AIDS ‘n’ syphilis mixed with clamydia / my lineage, Science, tha literal literary Olympian clad in chainmail, Dickies ‘n’ Timberlands / on a whim, my wit empties chambers ‘n’ clips / tha most cantankerous ravin’ madd lunatic, heavy weight like 2 bricks / “A Clockwork Orange”, Stanley Kubrick, my ultraviolent tendencies / y’all can’t see me like ultraviolet shinin’ to reveal what you bitches’ hidin’ / lock tha safes, hide tha keys in their vaginas / divided we fall, we stay united / Science in tha red light district, migrants buyin’ packages with 28 grams in them / funny taste from when you smoke it, lain’ back on tha leather sofa, minds open like ginko biloba…

Twisted Science 08-12-2012 03:07 PM

I use euphemisms for expression of expletives as my coping mechanism yo, woe is me, spread tha wisdom / I’ve had visions, of sentences written by outcasts ‘n’ Christian dissidents about vocal gladiators in coliseums battlin’ holy rappers till they’re lifeless / Science attacks tracks with mics like pairs of lions tryin’ to figure out who be tha mightiest / it’s always decided that it be Miloek, a sovereign MC, with a Glock nine in his right pocket / I shoplift 16s, load ‘em in tha clips ‘n’ make tha semis spit / I cipher with hired henchmen, rhymin’ with other’s blood on my Timberlands / thuggish pens splash rugged rough drafts, I max out from verbal clashes / I spaz ‘n’ activate my raspy / when tha voice is heard, foreign formations of words are formulated into terms that make mic cords hurt / swipe silver swords at scores of minds / I align rap’s corpse with tha most violent portion of tha rhyme I submit / tha Flyest Shinin’ Sheistiest Sky Blue Iris Blue Eyed Bandit with tha transcendent physical, analyze tha analytical / I hit spliffs Waiting To Exhale verbal abuse when I rap at crews wearin’ a bubble goose / I’m so shrewd ‘n’ capricious I make theologins question the existence of Jesus, I bleed ink / accused of untrue phrases that threatened some beadie-eyed Chink bitch / please kid, I hold beamers to wigs money to get their money / Goddamn, I want a blunt quick…

Twisted Science 08-12-2012 05:12 PM

I cipher at synagogues in verbal bravado / vibrato, Science devises semi-auto thoughts sharp, dual-edged bars / I flip bars, the art of fact, splash holes thru your Starter jack / cut off your neurotrans like strokes ‘n’ heart attacks / mentally, I’ll burn you in effigy, non compos mentis / psychoanalysts schedule me as Class 1 Narcotics / mucho psychotic, your verse is glucose ‘n’ sausage / Knolege God Cyphah’s lauded while you receive the opposite / trapped in tha bing, how juke caught me/ call me Yacub ‘cuz I’m a ill Twisted Scientist, Judaic Tribesman / Yeshua ben-Yosef idolatry’s atrocious yet I digress ‘n’ disect any ‘n’ all contenders treacherous / bevies of you MCs wear Gretzkies round yo’ necks / reach out ‘n’ touch sons, my verbal threats shed light to tha blind ‘n’ deaf / vocals still vibrato, no bull like Sammy Gravano / they’ll find you choked up with your cock in your throat / crimson on your Timbos, darts flung at tha temple / code Morsed toward post-birth aborted corpses forced centrifugal / rhymes is chiseled, you might as well resign like 10 Tribes scattered thru Europe ‘n’ Science is a Hip Hop purist / furious subversive dissertations attack lay persons, pull out their tracheas, now how ‘bout that much? you crabs can’t fuck with tha God / cause n effect, Science got a calcified pineal next to his pituitary gland / twist a personal blunt off a gram which ignites Blunted Stanzas / tha House of Abraham, tha House of Flying Daggers / Science, tha Caucasoid God Body / all up on tha mange moi, I disassociate from faggots

Twisted Science 08-12-2012 05:13 PM

my 9’s 6 inches long, married to Babylon / bitches skeet when they hear me on tha song, grimy, I floss my teeth with thongs / jaws of life clutch on tha mic, I snuff lines I write / come up out tha pocket or you’re gonna die tonight / live, I ignite, look at I n I, tha rap Christ / destructive rough draft roughage, tha ruckus I craft hands concussions to you muthafuckers / verbal agrushion, I mean aggression tech nine’s your musket ‘n’ burns your English muffin / toast your strudel, I blow meth, look at my pupils / dilated, Science blue iris resembles tha noon sky ‘n’ diamond jewels heisted / Twisted Sheisty maniacally rocks a mic device like trysts with coworkers that got big tits ‘n’ I coersed her to suck a dick / then lemme ram her bun with my burger, all without takin’ off her skirt / fly words swerve when I flex, my voice cracks your ribcage / tell me, can you feel your life dissipate?

Twisted Science 08-12-2012 05:15 PM

thoughts remain strange when they vacate the area / mosquitos spread malaria, check your libido between Normandie ‘n’ Western off Pico / Greco-Roman wrestlers wrestle testicles ‘n’ penis ‘n’ give each other Olympic medals / formed from precious metals, tha Cold War was never settled / neuclaics, fakes be playin that gay shit, dressin’ like geishas / given’ each other AIDS ‘n’ you bi-sexuals gave it to innocent women after you sleep with punks in prison / crunchy chumps, can’t keep it in your pantses / keep it in your hands ‘n’ out another man’s ass / pitch or catch, you still a faggot / touchy-feely MCs, Frank Ocean Drake, R ‘n’ B homos aka commercialists, stay away from tha fuckin’ dojo…

Twisted Science 08-13-2012 09:25 PM

my threats resonate, you can’t equate to me / Knolege, disturb your solace with deposits of savory thoughts / at tha bakery with God servin’ half-baked bacon to Satan whom needs permission / wombs skeet from my perdition, drippin’ / all you pussies is soaked ‘n’ in addition I receive acquisition of ya chain that’s only plated in gold / Olympic verblist, dictator diction, Science al-Sayyid leaves tha engineer cryin’ ‘n’ havin’ dryheaves / swallow your bile, acid reflux / smile when tha pistol squeeze my litanies ‘n’ splash my foes with epiphanies / submit to tha jooks / I spit verses that fuck hooks with 1 look/ vernacular Kama Sutra, idiosyncratic mathematics keep you faggots lubed up / surge insertion, broke your cervix / I mix interracial like Batman ‘n’ Eartha Kitt, sistahs attracted back at my Caucasoid flat-ass / tha Caucasus God Body, the opposite of docile / dossiers with semi-gloss graphic 4-by-6s of chickenheads in various suggestive positions/ exhibit my propensity to lick a vagina / yo palabra, fuck these hinas with dicks that want it up in they ca-ca…

Twisted Science 08-13-2012 09:29 PM

A-alikes to see-alikes, creed astral travel at tha speed of life / heed tha wisdom of tha wise/ faggots grab it when they pattin’ down tha penis size / out of habit I reacted now I’m stickin’ pens like tha side of a cactus / 9 planets revolve sun, yo son, what I wrote’s tha highest rung / when Science blow up rap, crabs get my name scribed on they right lung / papis’ autopsies show me injections of Oxy Codeine, ironpalms explode, call ‘em rosie / cat got okee doked for his stash, tha average dopefiend, never kept his nose clean / most of these fit tha stereotype, but pick tha wrong area, you’ll end up deader than malaria infections / obsessive at how I’m 1 of tha walkin’ dead / on threads without needles, cloudy thoughts break tha 7th Seal / elective eclectic, 730 tattooed on tha left side of my neck / from L. A. to Bed-Stuy, my hands move faster than your retinas /aggression dominant how Twisted’s prominent recessive / restive, I script flame while all you MCs is tepid / executive functions order disorder, my vocal sword slaughters Obama’s daughter when she’s grown up / yo, Babylons broke my nose a week ago as of recent, life in tha bing ain’t no joke, I ain’t even allowed to use tha phone / I never leave tha truth at home ‘cuz truth sets a God free

Twisted Science 08-13-2012 09:34 PM

when tha bough breaks, I allocate what makes crowds’ palates salivate / tha Most Callous Pallid makes tha fake afraid / call me Mic Controller, haterade, tha Crime Ayatollah / snort this rhyme - it’s like Peruvian flake / turn up your hearin’ aids / here, here’s a spear tainted with AIDS - like phrases that desecrate / after I came yo, it’s like you been raped / see tha God in human shape activate rapient vocal flame / never augment tha flesh like Jenna James / fuck a vest kid, what you gonna sport to keep your brain protected? 4-9-3-11s all up In your section / answer questions to put that Sphynxes nose back / roam tha land as an American Iconoclast, East West, slash with Randy Jackson Ryan Seacrest / recessive genes with more street cred than Kanye West / indoctrinated with Yahweh so I’m blest…

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