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Funk_Dock 06-07-2005 04:36 PM

Pharoahe Monch
any1 got any info on him...has he signed to shady and whens his album comin out??

i heard it was gonna be called sunrise or sumtin like dat

Fr@z 06-07-2005 04:42 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
He hasn't signed yet

PCP 06-07-2005 05:46 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
He's on Kon Artis's imprint. His album is produced by dude, droppin supposedly later this year.

Zakius 06-08-2005 08:02 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
I didn't even know he's signing to Shady

hopefully they won't have too many appearances on his LP

Hayabusa 06-08-2005 08:08 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
I think Obie Trice would do good on a track with him. He's nice my fav member on they label.

ill0gic 06-08-2005 08:33 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch

Originally Posted by Zakius
hopefully they won't have too many appearances on his LP

Yeah, a track with Em and Pharoahe would be fire though..

*bumps Stray Bullet*


the messiah 06-09-2005 12:36 AM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
not lately, em's been slackin with tha lyrics with tha "ass like that" bullshit and encore

Funk_Dock 06-09-2005 06:45 AM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
i wouldnt want sumting like

Pharoahe Monch ft. G-unit

imagine pharoahe screamin G-G-G-G-G-G-G unit!!

MILF DOOM 06-09-2005 08:04 AM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
its not been comfirmed but its likely to be aftermath with dre not g-unit

Welshkillabee 06-09-2005 11:19 AM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
If he is signed to Shady I doubt he'll get a release date there.

His album is Fire! Internal Affairs is one my Faves ever!

jR_killa 06-09-2005 12:07 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
"Simon Says put you fucking hands up......" That's such a great song, Along with Agent Orange, I still listen to those tracks almost daily. I remember I heard about him signing to Shady such a long time ago and then I never really heard anything else on it, so I figured it was just a rumour. Is there any actual Info on this or is it all just speculation?


Funk_Dock 06-09-2005 01:51 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
ye those songs r bangas, u should check out sum of his organised konfusion albums, theyre great.

I heard its official, hes on denaun porters new label and his album will b out by the end of the year

ShogunAssassin 06-09-2005 01:54 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
simon says is by far one of his dopest tunes

jR_killa 06-09-2005 02:17 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
True man he's always on some tight lyrics and spits on some hot beats.


Funk_Dock 06-09-2005 02:54 PM

Re: Pharoahe Monch
ye he even produces a little he produced simon says actually

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