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oDoUoSoKo 10-18-2012 11:02 AM

Dvsk vs theproph
Lets make it happen. Im back at this.

oDoUoSoKo 10-29-2012 05:15 PM

Eye of Sandy, hiding high, private eye candy
Judge dredd leavin brother's dead, i would try Randy
ya kinda pitchy proph, i be off like grand prix
u soft like adolescent asscheeks, professor nasty
u best make a check u can redeem, cash or magic beans
dusk is a blast from the bast not a plasma beam
i improvise like a jazz routine casually
and synthesize ur motherfuckin Madden team's casualties
this NFL street, blitzkrieg motherfucker
shits creek, u were hopin this would end ur L streak
groomed doodoo, for ur tomb, reverse womb suit you
ya full of prune juice, give ya mother a skull moon roof
you too short to box with god, or hobbits for that matter
and too stupid to comprehend, proph is a bad rapper
capital ass spanker, rappin imperial
head of ur old team, spat in ur cheerios

theproph 10-30-2012 01:22 AM

hit the underground like a runaway slave bet i step away from this battle unscathed
ain't one stage I step on and get phased its more like i sunbathe
embrace the heat and show how to son raise
receive more praise than a fucking sunday double Ms a G and I don't need no gunplay
snatch the milk off ya lunch plate throw it in the street
walk away like shits sweeter than a fucking bunt cake
cunt face you pussy straight down to the labia
give ya bitch deez nuts and it only gets crazier
probably cause I'm raping her colder than a glacier
soundtrack for this shit is Julio Iglesias
I know she love that spanish shit imma fucking boss and I don't mean management
I'd prolly get tossed for sexual harrassment
bitches get accost cause I know they don't have no sense
roll solo like I'm Harrison smoking on that loud which blare in the projects
last time I checked I don't come from Maryland
niggas think they funny like Darryl in the office
I take away they mic and make come off it whoa nellie better stop with that horse shit
fore I turn this battle to a motherfuckering horror flick

theproph 11-12-2012 11:57 PM

I was just in boots you couldn't walk a mile in
make ya moms take it on the chin like a violin
when I'm dialed in its fire in the hole set a fire to your home while you lie within I offend
with relative ease make your relatives bleed while they begging me please
I let the weapons release leave no seconds for grief
only thing left is a remnants of teeth every other evidence cleaned
I stepped from the chiefs committed genocide on the remaining tribe
bring the war to your door if you stay inside
even Robin Gibb couldn't stay alive hit em with the Ethan Hawke cause I'm taking lives
don't even talk I teach without a piece of chalk
whupping ass from sunset up to east new york
say your piece in court but I'm supreme nigga like the kai you will die if you scheme nigga
do or die bed stuy miss their king nigga you should tell em when I make you go met em
rap olympics bitch I'm taking gold medals you gon have to witness
make your ass religious cause I've half ascended into the rap olympus
this is a death sentence for your past offenses

oDoUoSoKo 11-14-2012 10:52 PM

translator required, female masturbator for hire
fan favorite assassin fascinated with fire
been a rap great since ur ass was chaffin in diapers
creatin cyphers that you dodge like an asian driver
i shoulda had u spayed in the vagina
afterbirth wine, ya mother was the grapefinder
takes lines of prophs elbow ash, ya cellphones smashed
u date minors i break spines and cash raid diners
trade ya hoodie for an iron maiden, close shavin
roses on ya grave, permanent comatose patient
i flow like ya nose breakin, grow from the pavement
ya mother got a throat hole prone for the raping
ginger with attitude, standing ovation
chinese finger trap ya dames snatch at an altitude
Kalamazoo postcard, charred 8 ounce
steak, say ya grace, i taught u how to bar breakdown

theproph 11-15-2012 03:57 AM

I leave these gingers walking gingerly surrender
syringes lead only entrance to the injuries
instant dementia it was only fantasy you'd finish me I'm finicky
I should've killed you clinically
your mother made you mimic me she cries about how she misses me
I purposely avoid the bitch and her annoyances about how she had a boy and its
mine and I should swing by and bring him toys and shit
how about I whip his ass with a vine the most poisonous kind
and the only time I raise him is when he's hoist in a bind
I don't care for your oedipal complex or your highly edible content
the only time I claim you is in a federal context

oDoUoSoKo 11-16-2012 04:37 PM

dont bite the hand that makes the sigs, ur mother bleeds bacon n grits
Im Newton, u more like Dates and Figs, fruit
im seperating wigs with boots, makin bitch soup
ancient rituals, taste the kids, ya mother takes a dick or two
i taught u how to rhyme, snapped my dick in ya broad
it got cauterized, she said ur shits a quarter the size
u got plans for attack? what a resourceful demise
glorify horror, whores are portioned in fives for the slaughter
address me as Mister, Marcus, sicker than Mr. Marcus
ya aunt grinned, licked the discharge off my dick and then farted
vision of harshness, lyrical prescription of darvocet
U stayin home, luke, it aint even the harvest yet
im having hardcore farmer sex, with ya pig of a mother
im an arm length, there aint big enough rubbers
ur harmless motherfucker, u shoulda dripped from the covers
im an artist with verses, u shoulda stopped before spittin another

theproph 11-17-2012 01:01 AM

I'm known for breaking limbs ask Roberts how he got hurt
Proph's words are similar to a proverb I'm hard to gauge even with a mossberg
I'm taking out imposters I know you like my rhymes
that's why you recite them shits and be like that's mine
and the flow so serious it should be fighting crime
my day job's to fuck your moms when I find the time
I come over remove the bitch spanx then she get spanked for an hour
then I nut up in your fish tank listen bitch you should give thanks
I turn John Smiths into John Does and that's within blinks
you're living proof that I don't spit blanks
but fuck pro choice women should have no voice cause who cares what a bitch thinks
you should've been aborted thwarted taking out back and slaughtered
when I give the order I'd have that shit recorded
I should've hit ya moms dead in the center knocked you from the placenta
she spread her legs as I'm preparing to enter
I fucked your mind up even before you were a minor
stabbing you in the face when I was in her vagina
you lucky this isn't China you weren't born with boy parts
they had to manufactured your shit like toy cars
that's right your rocking a prosthesis
so quit acting like ya moms and get off theproph's penis

iniquity 12-17-2012 12:21 AM

fart, heart, start, bart. :learning:

theproph 12-28-2012 11:14 PM

yo dusk check your inspectahdusk@aol.com add shoryuken 3 to it

oDoUoSoKo 12-29-2012 01:08 PM

That email no longer works. Whatever u sent.send.to babyfrank.dd@Gmail.com

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