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TSA 10-23-2012 01:23 AM

A panoramic fact based view of the situation in africa
This is a follow up on my previous thread about 5%ers trying to black wash white history. I'd like everyone to note that 5% don't represent .1% of the black population and if it wasn't for wutang and rappers they went to highschool with like Busta Rhymes getting record deals nobody would really know who they are.

anyways i found that most of the problem comes from the fact that nobody knows wtf is going on in africa but they can all agree that shit looks crazy as fuck bruh. Here's a breakdown

The term tribe is a racist demeaning of ethnicities in Africa invented by colonists. Why didn't want to recognize the nations of Africa as Nations because it due to terminology it would negatively effect colonial agenda. The image thus created in the western head is a 'tribe' is a small clan or band of people, or some type of petty loyalty

These tribes are full blown nations in every sense of the word. There are more people in the Hausa tribe than there are people in Germany. There are as many people in my tribe as there are people in Portugal. prior to colonialism these 'tribes' had their own states, cities, politics, laws, customs, attire, religion, and so forth. There are more differences between my tribe and the Benin tribe across a river than there are between an English man and a Russian. The physical appearance between a Tuareg and Wolof man are so great that if they weren't both black they would be considered different races and they live in the same country.

The situation this creates is we as africans are starting from scratch in developing new 'national' identities because at independence most ethnicity chose to stay together in the artificial nations created by colonists.

The misconception i hear people bring about is a very ignorant 'wide is everything based on tribe' or other things that imply people can just 'let it go'. That shit is deeper than rap. Igbo and Yoruba people don't even sit down the same. You could never image a sitation where America Mexico and Canada are fused into the same nation and there's no conflict and tension or that everyone will just give up their American or Mexican or Canadian identity. The EU is no where near even implying people should do this and Nigeria, or Ethiopia are less like France and Germany and more like the EU.

TSA 10-23-2012 01:35 AM


Africa is a poor continent, but it's nowhere near what western education tries to make it. If i showed you pictures of the cities in africa you would think i was nit picking or being dishonest. The situation is there's little to no 'credit' in Africa. This means what people own they ACTUALLY own and they've ACTUALLY built.

Lets all imagine what we would own without credit. A world where we would have to buy our own cars, cash, build our own house cash, and pay for school upfront. You'll see a stark difference.

The super rich would have everything, the poor would have nothing, and the middle class would evaporate. This is africa. People are either very rich or very poor but the very poor are essentially regular working class americans without credit.

The misconception seems to be that everyone is just starved the fuck out because they run clips from a famine in ethiopia in the 1980s over and over on tv for 2 decades straight and do 100 documentaries on Dinkas and Maasi tribesmen.

The story in africa right now isn't poverty, it's growth, and every africa with two ounces of sense, chinese people, and well educated white europeans are moving in to make money because it's the new frontier for growth. The fastest growing economy in the world right now is Ghana at 14% at it was already a middle income nation (comparable to Mexico if you dont know what that means).

We keep hearing about the boom in China and India. India has more people under the poverty line than the entire continent of Africa and the median growth rate of an african country is equal to China at it's best.

Poverty isn't the story in AFrica. What africans are struggling with is unemployment, like everyone else right now, not starvation.

TSA 10-23-2012 01:36 AM

I'll even go as far as saying we can learn a lot from the continent.
For instance when America's government was bailing to banks and failing to end it's recession, the central bank of nigeria made banks and companies pool together and bail themselves out, which left that country and most of africa as the only places in the world untouched by the recession because it worked.

TSA 10-23-2012 01:39 AM


There's a conflict in Somalia that's on it's last leg, and one in Mali at the moment that came as a result of the US flooding weapons into Libya, and that's it. that's out of 54 countries.

TSA 10-23-2012 01:44 AM


the length and influence of colonialism is overrated. The problems that came after are largely African made but a natural result of how complex-ed the reality at had was. The whole 'europe stole all their resources' thing is largely BS, though every true in isolate cases. Colonialism was horrible in the Congo, which you can read about yourself, and europeans were all about stealing historic artifacts and underpaying labor or not paying them at all. Otherwise colonialism was a pretty short stint, and once 1 generation of africans had received modern education they were motioning, successfully, for independence.

Colonialism it's self was 2 generations long, though european involvement had extended past that. Of course the experience of all countries were different, but for the most part colonialism's biggest legacy was creating artificial nations and overt political involvement that encouraged corruption.

TSA 10-23-2012 01:53 AM


As i said before the problem people are dealing with is unemployment. The economy is growing but so is the population and the demand to live in cities is overwhelming the cities we have already.

Rule of law is also a big issue. Because these new 'nations' are no more than 60 years old at their oldest people are getting used to laws the supersede tribal law. For instance if a Yoruba Oba is arrested there's going to be a riot. Likewise if Mexico and the Us became one country, and Obama was arrested by Mexicans, there would be riot. So it's an adjustment thing more than anything, but it's only been 60-40 years.

Corruption is another one. Lots of bribing, mistrust, lack of transparency, and misapporpriation of funds. There's corruption in America but an American will make sure the school he's commissioned to build gets built and simply over charge the government and keep the money. In Africa niggas will flat out get the money and not build the school.

These are the issues we're facing.

but all this stupid shit about Aids, starvation, famine, war, violence and hell even water are just fucking stupid and irrelevant. Even that Kony shit lol. dudes been death for 5 years and LRA hasn't struck in 6 and is largely defunct.

TSA 10-23-2012 01:57 AM

is the place a utopia, no. It's no where near as developed as America, but your also not that much richer than the people there. The difference is you have credit and own things from gradual realistic payments. Over there everything you own and do is upfront cash and the roads still look like this.


every car on this road was bough straight cash. Every building built by cash, which is something the average american couldn't pull off.

I had a person ask me if there were cars in africa. I told him the issue is traffic jams and that i wish there was less cars in africa even.

cj wisty 10-23-2012 01:30 PM

thanks that was interesting.

also i think some charities actually make africa worse instead of better.

heres another thread i made


i heard some people say africans are bad farmers but others say that the soil and flooding is very bad in africa. which one is true

diggy 10-23-2012 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by TSA (Post 2274488)
I'll even go as far as saying we can learn a lot from the continent.
For instance when America's government was bailing to banks and failing to end it's recession, the central bank of nigeria made banks and companies pool together and bail themselves out, which left that country and most of africa as the only places in the world untouched by the recession because it worked.

So what? It's corrupt and people kill each other in massive numbers. Sucks as a cuntry.

cj wisty 10-23-2012 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by FMJ (Post 2274613)
So what? It's corrupt and people kill each other in massive numbers. Sucks as a cuntry.

praise should be given when praise is due.

Shogah 10-23-2012 06:48 PM

Interesting thread, keep on.

diggy 10-24-2012 12:14 AM


^^panoramic view.

Prince Rai 10-24-2012 12:44 PM

Just logged on to say that this is a good thread.

TSA 10-24-2012 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by FMJ (Post 2274756)

that's Papua New Guiena. Those people are in Asia my nigga.

TSA 10-24-2012 08:05 PM


This is the one that keeps americans buzzing the hardest. though the origins of AIDS are questionable, it's not an 'african problem'. there's cholera in mexicon, but cholera isn't a "north american problem" and that's a continent of 3 countries. Africa is 54.

there are countries that suffer from the AIDS epidemic. South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho. these are places where it's a real actual health problem. Everywhere else, calling AIDS an epidemic or something relevent to national issues is like calling the clap a pandemic or something relevent to national issues in the United states.

the AIDS story was also dropped and forgotten when it was at it's worst. Now that african countries have seen rates drop in half the new story is terrorism.

People have to realize that there's a great deal of mental laziness behind this 'problem'. People don't want their conception of the world to be complicated or challenged because it fucks with what you know. People have already decided Africa and Blacks = Hell and Demons and everything else is good to go/human. Telling them otherwise is like telling someone they're adopted on a less personal level. it just scrabbles your conception of what you have already made your mind up on an built your reality around. It's easy to, do to this conception, believe that there are countries where everyone has aids, or even 'the people' have aids, a terminal illness (meaning it's something you'll run into all the time) and these countries haven't been wiped off the face of the earth.

Nigeria has the second highest number of ppl with AIDs in africa, but due to it's population the %age is one of the lowest. that being said, you're not going to run into people 'with aids' as a commonality. I'm at the same level of risk getting an STD here, because we have an entire pantheon of shit you can catch and high rates of all of them, then i would there, which has one major monolith of a STD to worry about.

The story with AIDS is some countries in africa have it in high percentages, and they're isolated to southern africa. 80% of countries in africa have lower AIDS rates than the United States, and they have all dropped their rates by roughly half in the last 10 years.

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