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Zagnif Nori 11-22-2012 06:36 AM

Zagnif Nori "The Commencement" Mixtape
Zagnif Nori "The Commencement" Mixtape

"The Commencement" Mixtape is a collection of tracks from the past, recent tracks, unreleased tracks, and a special exclusive track from the upcoming "The Meridian Gem" debut solo album coming April 2013!

Zagnif Nori "The Commencement" Mixtape on Soundcloud
Zagnif Nori "The Commencement" Mixtape - Individual Track Downloads
01: "Scene 1" [Prod: Crucial The Guillotine]
02: "Insignia" [Prod: Illy Vas]
03: "Steel Cartridge" [Prod: Illy Vas]
04: "Tablets" [FREESTYLE] [Prod: Bronze Nazareth]
05: "Noble Offspring" [FREESTYLE] [Prod: Ken Ring & Rune Rotter]
06: "Kindred Spirits" feat. Noble Scity & P. Genz [Prod: Illy Vas]
07: "Sparring Partners" feat. Sleeps & Danamic [Prod: Crucial The Guillotine]
08: "Famine O'Clock" feat. Kevlaar 7 [Prod: Bronze Nazareth]
09: "3rd Eye Wize" [Prod: Illy Vas]
10: "Unite" feat. Illy Vas [Prod: Illy Vas]
11: "Tears [Why Me?]" feat. Kevlaar 7 & Shake C [Prod: Bronze Nazareth]
12: "Pay Homage" [Prod: Illy Vas]
13: "Marquee Talent" feat. Illy Vas & Kaotny [Prod: Crucial The Guillotine]
14: "General Stature" feat. Illy Vas [UNRELEASED] [Prod: Illy Vas]
15: "Bond" feat. Illy Vas [Prod: Illy Vas]
16: "Visions of War" [UNRELEASED] [Prod: Zagnif Nori]
17: "Element 26" feat. Crucial The Guillotine [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE: SNIPPET] [Prod: Crucial The Guillotine]
18: "Harsh Windz" feat. Noble Scity & Kevlaar 7 [Prod: Illy Vas]
19: "Ballad of Axes" [Prod: Illy Vas]
20: "Modern Marvels" feat. Crucial The Guillotine [Prod: Crucial The Guillotine]
21: "Icarus Ashes" [Prod: Illy Vas]
22: "Judas Shareholders" [Prod: Zagnif Nori]
23: "Noble Design" [UNRELEASED] [Prod: Zagnif Nori]
24: "99" [Prod: Illy Vas]
25: "Golden Gritty [Don't Stop]" [Prod: Illy Vas]

Noble Scity Music 2012

Zagnif Nori "The Meridian Gem" Debut Solo Album Coming April 2013!

Instead of making new threads, I will continually update this thread with information regarding my solo album coming soon so keep checking back! Peace and much respect to everyone.


SKAMPOE 11-22-2012 01:51 PM

No doubt
Gettin this now
And sticking the thread

obServant 11-23-2012 12:57 AM

yo this is mad dope thanks for the download yo mad ILL knowledge PEACE

MikeGein 12-03-2012 02:27 PM

I'm half way threw the mixtape. Ill production and flow. Peace

Zagnif Nori 12-06-2012 09:46 PM

Thank you all. I appreciate it. First single for The Meridian Gem coming later this month!


SKAMPOE 12-06-2012 10:16 PM

bumped this whole join
it knocks
beats n lyrics
all a nigga needs to have a classic joint
props homie
i enjoyed it
especially ballad of axes

Zagnif Nori 12-18-2012 08:40 PM

Thanks to everyone who checked this out. I appreciate it. Here's 2 more unreleased joints we just put out

Zagnif Nori & Illy Vas "Stress Thick"

Zagnif Nori & Illy Vas "Great Hope"

First single for "The Meridian Gem" album drops on Tuesday! Stay tuned!

Zagnif Nori 12-25-2012 12:43 AM

First Single "Faridat"
The first single from the upcoming Zagnif Nori debut solo album, "The Meridian Gem", is now here. "Faridat" produced by Illy Vas. Check it now and spread the word!


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