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check two 11-29-2012 12:24 AM

lol @ getting free shipping for this

You know how Amazon has that "Super Saver" option that promises free shipping on pretty much anything you buy if you're willing to wait, like, six weeks for it to arrive? They're not kidding. On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal's Marketwatch set out to see just how far Amazon's commitment to free shipping would stretch. Turns out, it'll stretch pretty far.

Based on the published shipping and handing guidelines, the heaviest thing that Amazon will ship for free is the six-foot-tall Cannon Safe CO54 Commander Series Premium 90 Minute Fire Safe. It'll hold 48 guns, comes with 13 locking bolts and costs a cool $3,486.57. And if you select that "Super Saver" shipping option or paid the $79 annual membership fee for Amazon Premium, it won't cost you a penny to have it shipped to your front door. It weighs 1,509 pounds, by the way. (It's actually 1,672 pounds with all the packing materials.) Your FedEx guy, by the way, may or may not hate forever you if you order one.

If you think this sounds like a money-losing proposition, you're right. Cannon, the safe company, says that it charges $700 to ship its massive flagship safe, and considering all of the other heavy items in Amazon's inventory that qualify for "Super Saver" shipping, the costs add up for the online retailer. Amazon reported a $636 million loss on shipping costs alone last quarter, which boils down to a 1 percent loss per item. It's also no cake walk for the Amazon workers who have actually have to box this stuff up in the warehouse.

Don't go feeling sorry for Amazon, though. The company is chin deep in innovating its shopping experience and insists that shipping cost and inconvenience will soon be an afterthought for shoppers and investors alike. They're even starting to offer same day delivery on some items, although that will cost you. Think of it this way: For every crazy shopper who orders a 1,700-pound safe with the "Super Saver" shipping options, there are probably a thousand other shoppers who will pay twice as much to get their used copy of 50 Shades of Grey delivered a day sooner. Amazon executives insist that it all works out in the end. In the words of CEO Jeff Bezos, "It's not like we didnít do some arithmetic ahead of time."


diggy 12-21-2012 03:29 PM

This must be a CT school massacre deal.

food for thought 12-27-2012 04:24 PM

$636 million in shipping cost loss?


but its dope if they do away with shipping costs completely. The main reason I shop at amazon is the one day free shipping shit. and their discounts.

And its probably why consumers have been voting it the most satisfying online retail service, for 8 years now

Sideshow Bob 01-02-2013 07:47 PM

They have plans to start experimenting with same day shipping.

Amazon has so much cash on hand that they plan to start buying up warehouse real estate, possibly even best buys that are closing around the country, and create more distribution points in major cities

+ their own courier service, similar to fedex home

Why check two made a thread about a gun safe is beyond me.

check two 01-02-2013 08:16 PM

it was made months back, before CT.

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