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ChristO 12-13-2012 11:12 PM

too late for the game, exerpts
my head in braids designed by caprice the barber
now and then, caprice in my jargon, flow of my speech is lava
who on earth pawned they hearts for stardom? bunch of retardos
yeah, Iím sitting back looking at some 666ual scenarios
read that porno was some demonís name...still, my semen came
pretty strong with nautical game
carpets to bedsheets, all of Ďem stained, would admit that itís a shame
but it was in 6.69 that I was slain..
..my mother birthed maryís baby, rose-colored neck
father burnt-purple-black pigment..so later the black set in
no mistaking me now, yes, Iím a black nigga
named ant christ, possibly for the systemís sake,
beyond my motherís knowledge
she tried suicide with a rifle when I was a toddler
yeah, yeah, and so on
life spared, she prolonged to hold on..itís a slow song
uppidy niggas had nerve enough to say that I ainít been thru shit,
and donít know me from adam?
I mean, look, whatís to go through? I couldaí been in prison,
for murdering a nigga who said I ainít been thru shit
why try me though? try the devil
my bad, they already mustaí tried the devil
bible-totiní ass hypocritical grandiose judges
Iíll run up in they church and cold-bust Ďem, no justice
Iím God with justice
thatís just for putting me in danger, fuck youíz, I see hues on a daily basis...

ChristO 12-14-2012 12:10 AM

anyway, some sorta' mix-up...cool, cool...this is my too late for the game thread..

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