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Dokuro 02-18-2013 07:04 PM

Atlus Game reprot.
coming up from Atlus...

also Aeon Genesis is nearing a completion of the translation of SMT if.

Dokuro 02-23-2013 04:57 PM

seriously? SMT 4 is announced and no one on the corp cares. that's it I'm taking all you underground cards away. the next time you try and get into the underground and cant find you access card just remember this moment. meanwhile ill be chilling with an army of Bodyconians at the local disco.

dude i hope they bring Bodyconian back i miss my zombie minion.


it would be good to have the old team back.

Hero - Devil hunter (thief equivalent)
Shiki - Bodyconian - Buster (fighter equivalent)
beast - Nekomata - hunter
Element - Sylph - cleric (healer equivalent)
night - Lilim - caster (mage equivalent)

Dokuro 02-27-2013 05:54 PM

you know what i forgot; another one i nearly shit my pants on

played it multiple times but; now its looking well awesome

here is the game play

look how fluid it is.

Leanan as a cleric, with her high Power she makes for a better Caster. for noobs Clerics need speed, not magic. magical strang in healing spells dont matter they based off of maximum health of the target

Dia - 30% one
MeDia - 30% all
Diarama - 60% one
MeDiarama - 60% all
Diarahan - 100% one
Mediarahan - 100% all

...and so forth so they need to be able to act quickly, for the parties need. thats why i use sylph

elements are immune to status effects; high intelligences (means magic resistant) and fast enough to avoid all physical damage, and if she cant; change her to repel physics and gun; and she'll do incredible damge to those stupid enough to attack her, for having low vitality.

I'm such a nerd:nerdy:

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